Day 14 – Burgos to San Bol

OMG I have just found a little oasis in the middle of nowhere and it is gorgeous. A tiny little Albergue just off the beaten track 5kms out of Hornillos de Camino. 
It has a little pool/fuente/stream that the water is from is apparently very good for healing your feet. I have just my feet in and they nearly froze off so now I can’t feel my feet at all so must be good!!!!

Had a terrible night last night. I was coughing as the end of the little head cold came to an end and we had at least 3 snorers who I am surprised didn’t raise the roof! 

This morning all the lights were on and people were on the move by 6am so I thought may as well get up.  

Of course it is pitch black. I think Spain’s daylight saving finishes when ours start as the nights are still really light until 8.30ish.

Set out on the road at about 7am and just followed the crowd. As it was a big city there were lots of street lights to guide us and we were out of town and back on our track by the time the sun came up.  

I walked part of the way this morning with an Irish couple. Father and son who were just walking from Burgos to Leon. I think I will be there in another 4 days.  

Before I knew it we were in the town of Tardajos which was about 11kms from Burgos and it was only 9.00am. Breakfast of coffee and frittata and back on the road. Walked through the Meseta today which I think is the Spanish equivalent of a desert. Very flat and the ground, even though ploughed was full of stones and rocks. Looked like a limestone to me. It was amazing and quite beautiful in its own way. All around us on the horizon were heaps of windmills looking very spectacular in the background. The path was very rocky and a lot of up and down and my quads were killing me. Going down steep rocky paths, of which there are a lot, really tests my leg strength.  

Having got to Hornillos del Camino I went to sit down in the square where there were tables and chairs in the sunshine and was told that unless I bought a drink I couldn’t sit there. That was enough for me I ate my apple on the road out of town and 5kms later fell upon this absolutely gorgeous place. It only has 10 beds and there is a communal meal tonight where we all sit around a beautiful round table and above us is the dome of the beehive that is in the picture.  

Got here at 1 and the albergue didn’t open until 2 so just lazed in the sun until opening. €5 for the bed and €7 for the communal meal.  

I have done my calculations and €10 is equivalent to $15.  

So now I am sitting down in the beautiful garden by the Fuentes having dunked my feet and now I am going to start on a new book.  

By the end of the afternoon 8 people had turned up.  There are only 12 beds so was really lovely.  

The pilgrim dinner this evening was wonderful. The hospitalero had prepared a wonderful salad and this out of the world home cooked paella yummy.  Desert followed and of course unlimited red wine.  As we were such a small group and had all been lounging around in the sun in the afternoon we decided we should all go around the table and introduce ourselves, where we were from and where we had started and where we were going to.   Such a mixture.  Denmark, Germany, Canada, Scotland, London and another Aussie from Croydon.  We admitted we could almost be neighbours.   

The Hospitalero then showed us how to lock up and how to lock the door in the morning when the last one left and drove off into the night.  

Such a different night from the big albergue’s.  

In bed, lights out and sound asleep by 9.  

Buenos noches

PS having a terrible time downloading pictures so am going to post and update as I am able.  

Enjoy the blog.  

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