Day 9- Naverette to Azofra

What a glorious day.  Fabulous sunrise and we were off.  Have been walking with Donna for a few days now which has been lovely.  

Left early today as hardly slept a wink last night as had 2 horrendous snorers in the room and they were terrible.  Everyone wasn’t very happy this morning so we decided to leave ASAP.  

Headed out of Naverette just as the sun was coming up

It is a spectacular day today.  Not a cloud in the sky a gentle cool breeze and we are walking through wine country all day today.   It is beautiful with rolling hills with perfectly aligned rows of grapes and the harvest is just starting so people up early and the grape harvesters were working and tractors passing us with big red containers of grapes off to the vineyard for crushing.   

We are walking through the ventosa area which obviously is a large grape growing area of Spain.  Some pretty big wineries but none open for tasting that we could see!  

I pulled out my trusty penknife, lent to me by the lovely Jane, and cut off a couple of bunches of grapes which we ate as we continued on our way. Very sweet.  

The way today was all through vineyards.  It was lovely and then we came to a bridge which we took not looking where we were going as we were chatting so much and next thing we arrive in this town with not a Camino sign it yellow arrow or shell anywhere to be seen!  OMG we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the town of Huercanos which was not on our map!   

Luckily at the beginning of the trip in St Jean Pied de Port a fellow Australian had shown me an app for my phone called Trekright.   Don’t need wifi but has all the maps and were to go. I pulled it out and yes we were off the track.

But thanks to my trusty App we were on the road and after 10-15 minutes we were in Najera and back following the yellow arrows and shells.  

By this time it was about 10.30am and we had worked up an appetite as we hadn’t eaten or drunk anything other than water all morning.   

What I love about the way is that even though you have to walk through a big town the way is always through the old part of town which is wonderful and the way out of town are beautiful parklands. 

Walked across the old bridge and there was a bar in the sun by the river.  That is were we laid our packs and had coffee and baguette with egg and tuna.  Wasn’t quite sure what was in it but it looked good and it was.  Coffee wasn’t too bad either.  I think I am becoming acclimatised.   

Rested our bodies did our ablutions and off we went.  

As we headed out of town we noticed that the signage for the way had changed.  Now it was new tall wooden signs to Santiago with the kms left to walk.  We are now 581 kms from our destination.  

We had a lovely walk from Najera to Azofra again through vineyards and we were the only people around.  

Got to Azofra and decided to rest so have checked into the municipal albergue which is like a resort. 2 beds to a room and a outdoor area with a fountain, sun drenched, tables and chairs and as more people are arriving becoming very social.   

We arrived and shortly afterwards quite a few other pilgrims I have met on the way.  Paul and Christine from Brisbane, Debbie and Rose from the US.   It was such a social afternoon sitting around in the sun.  

Donna and I decided to go up the road and have a beer and a sandwich.  Great bar with tables and chairs out on the other side of the road in front of the plaza.  

Tiny streets and the big tractor comes down the road parks in front of the bar goes inside to get something and then comes out and on his way

We sat there for quite a while and went back to our ‘resort’. More socialising then we all went back to the bar for our pilgrims meal.  

Wasn’t out of bed very late as so physically tired of a night.  

Wifi died so this is all the photos you get today

Buenos noches 

Day 8 – Viana to Navarrete 

I have been walking for a week now and with my calculations have done just over 145kms.  
Feet are handling it all really well. No blisters but interestingly have a terrible rash around my ankles which seems to be a reaction to the wool socks. May have to buy some acrylic ones. Not sore or itching but big red welts. Very attractive and I am sure you are all really interested to know that bit of information.   
On with my journey.  
I have now realised (it always takes me a few days!) that the reason the sun isn’t up until so late and it is still light at 8.30 at night is because it is still daylight saving in Spain. It finishes over here when we start ours in October. 

We had to be out of our albergue by 7.30 so had to start walking in the dark. It was ok but with a lot of people we were fine.  
Viana is a little town just before Logrono which is a very big town. This meant we did a lot of walking on pavements today.  
What I love about this walk is that even if you have to walk through a big town the walk is through the old part of town so you avoid the busy streets.  
Thought we would stop in La Rioja for breakfast before Logrono but it turns out this was an industrial part of Logrono and nowhere to stop. So on we went to Logrono 
What a gorgeous town. Very big with 155,000 people so lots of new buildings but we walked right past those and through the old part of town. Again the cobbled stone roads and old buildings and of course the very old church 
Found the plaza and stopped for breakfast of cafe con leche and juevos (eggs). 
Of course most of the pilgrims that we were with last night were there also.  
Had to walk through a bit of the big town but on the otherside there was the most lovely path with trees and grass and just a lovely way out of town.  
Saw squirrels today. Very cute.  
Next minute we were at a lovely lake and on the other side of town. Just like at home there were locals running, walking, cycling around the lake and along the track.  
Before we knew it we were up in the middle of vineyards and looking back over the lake towards Logrono.  
It was then a wander through vineyards for the rest of the days walk but a lot of up hills and down on pavements so the legs and knees were tired.  
By this time I had caught up with Rose and Debbie from Canada and I was again walking with Donna.  
Pinch a few bunches of grapes off the vine and they were so sweet. Think the harvest is just about to happen as saw a big grape harvester working in the vineyard. No one picks them anymore.
Over the hill and we were at Naverette which is another historic town that has been well maintained with family crests carved into the sandstone of the house above the doors and armorial shields. 
Of course the church which dominates the square was huge and dates back to the 16th century. It was amazing inside. Gold leaf everywhere. I am always reluctant to take pictures in a church so old. Don’t know why. 
So Donna and I decided to call it a day and said goodbye to Rose and Debbie and went and found an albergue and here we are.   
I was a bit desperate to do some washing as I couldn’t stand the smell of my socks anymore. Wondering if the rash and reaction on my feet has been enhanced due to dirty socks !!!!
I am sitting in the main living room of the albergue in my sarong and a jacket while everything I bought with me is being washed and dried.  
Perfect time to blog. No pilgrim dinner here tonight so will venture out and find a bar. Big night out !!! Wow.

So my Canadian friend Donna and I have headed into town.  Me in totally clean clothes. Feeling special and after a walk around town and into the 16 century church found the local tapas bar and have been sipping on Rose and beer waiting for the other bar to open so we can have our pilgrims dinner for €9. Cheap tonight. 

Again very bad wifi so no photos but will update as soon as I can

Until tomorrow. 

Hasta luego me amigos. X

Day 7 – Villamayor de Monjardin to Viana

Absolutely gorgeous day today. Blue sky’s and jet stream.  

After the wild fiesta and firecrackers of last night it was a disrupted sleep. 

A long hot, hard day today.  

It was very cold this morning and people were talking it slow.  I thought to myself. Please no I don’t have the clothes.  Is that a typical girl reaction worrying about clothes!!! 

Well I needn’t have worried. 

I set off from the top of the mountain at Villamayor de Monjardin just on daybreak.  No such thing as a sleep in in the albergue.   The sky was becoming light and I could see my way out of town.  Looking back at it was very pretty first thing in the morning 

Sunday today so no cow, sheep or horse bells it was all church bells and they chimed all over Spain on the half hour and on the hour.  Never had to wonder what time it was!

The countryside today was long rolling hills and ploughed paddocks with lots of grapevines and olive groves. All growing on the side of the many many hills I had to walk up and down today.  

Set off and thought I would walk to the next town Los Arcos for Breakfast.   Well it was Sunday wasn’t it!  There was one little lady who had her paneria open with everything handmade so had a piece of pizza and a nectarine for breakfast and then went around the corner for my cafe con leche.  

The sun was up and the church bells were ringing so off I went.   

It was a really pretty walk today but very hard on the knees as I had to walk up and down hills all day.  Some very long gruelling hills to climb and then just as steep to get down the other side. After about 3 or 4 of these today my body was crying out for relief.   

Got to Sansol at about 11.30 and there was a bar on the top of the hill at the entrance into town in full sun and good wifi so took off the pack ordered a cerveza and started blogging.  An hour later and another beer I was published and it was time to go.  

Am walking and meeting up with quite a few friends I have made on the way and we all seem to walk to the same town and meet up at the albergue for our pilgrims meal in the evening.

My lovely Dutch friends Peter and Johannes  (John) have been following me and overtaking me all day. Got to my albergue tonight and there they were.  A bit of a joke now that we are stalking each other.  Ran into my friend Donna from Canada as well today.  A day of friendships.  

Got into Viana about 3.30 and I was stuffed. Walked approximately 30kms today and as I said before it was hard.  I am finding parts of my body I didn’t realise I had. Once you sit down it is very hard to get back up again and walking up stairs with a backpack is really hard.  Thank goodness for walking poles. 

Just had my pilgrims dinner and am now in bed and it is only 8pm.  

Have no bags under my eyes right now as I am sleeping such long hours.  Of course all the red wine at dinner helps.  

Buenos noches x

Day 6 – Maneru to Villamayor de Monjardin

Big walk today. Lots of hills up and down and as I had my stride I just kept going.  Feeling tired but really good.  

Only 6 people in my albergue last night.  2 from holland (brothers in law walking together. 2 young girls from Croatia (architecture students) and a lovely Frenchman who arrived later.  

We had the mandatory Pilgrim dinner for €10. 3 courses with unlimited red wine.  Language was difficult but with hands and speaking slowly we got by.  

I cannot believe how well I have been sleeping and because I am so physically tired I am usually in bed and sound asleep by 9.30 and actually slept in this morning until 7.20.  

Packed and ready to start walking at 7.50 and the sky was pink as I headed out.


More open country today.  Lots of ploughed fields and walked through grapevines and olive tree plantations. 
I am loving the vegetable gardens everywhere. I passed a little man today who had set up his garden in a little patch on the side of the ploughed field and there was a little stream running by so he had rigged up an irrigation system that ran through his garden. He was there religiously tending his plot.  Peas, potatoes tomatoes lettuce cabbage and another plant I couldn’t identify but very popular in most gardens. I will take a photo and post it so maybe someone can identify it for me.   Of course there is also rows and rows of red peppers.  When you get into towns or even on the outskirts or anywhere for that matter there are bunches and bunches of big red peppers hanging off people’s houses drying in the sun. 

It was a lovely day today.  Sun shining and blue sky with puffy clouds.  Cool wind but still able to get away with shorts and tshirt.  Does get cold in the afternoon and first thing in the morning 
Walked along a real roman road today.  This is how old this place is.  Quite a contrast from the highways that now cross the country.

 I am pleased to say that we don’t walk too close to highways or main roads very often. 

Walked into Estella today which is a big town.  

Walked in through the old part and it was old.  Of course churches everywhere and they were old.

  Climbed up a lot of stairs to church of San Pedro de la Rua. Stunning inside and built in the 12th century.  

Of course St James had passed through here so there was another statue of him inside.   I was then shown out the back to the cloisters and they were beautiful.  I just wanted to sit down and take it all in.  It was so old in a lot of the alcoves in the cloisters they had relics from a very long time ago.  I would say 12th century.  
Luckily when I came out there was a modern day lift that could take me down the 3 stories I had walked up to get there.   Hard sometimes with a backpack on.   

Wandered through the old part of town and then turned a corner and it was big city time.  Traffic lights fast cars lots of people and noise.   I had to get out!!!

But first, priorities, I needed a cafe con leche.  Found a lovely little bar as cafe’s are called here where you can get breakfast, coffee, alcohol anything you like.  So civilised!!!

I then walked out of town and headed to the next little town of  Ayegui. Only about half a km out of town but a highlight.  

You won’t believe this but the Bodegas.   Yes the wine people have a winery here and they have a wine fountain for pilgrims.  Yes there is a lovely stainless steel fountain with a tap and one has red wine and one has water.  It was fantastic. Of course I had to stop and have a swig.  

Apparently the wine people fill it everyday with 100ltrs of red wine for the pilgrims. Now that is civilised!
Got to the top of the hill past the fountain and here is a real foundry with a man beside his fire making all sorts of things.   Lots of locks and door knockers.  

Just up the hill was the very ancient Monasterio de Irache. This monastery is connected to the Roncesvalles monastery I stayed in on the second night.   Apparently a community of monks served pilgrims here since the 10th century.   Gee I am impressed with my history 🤓. There was also a wine museum. Like the chandelier 

I decided to press on and walk a few more kms as it was only midday.  
Walked over a few mountains and kept running into people I had stayed in albergues with or just had passed them or vice versa.  
It is such a friendly walk. Here are some rural shots of the day


Have I told you all how much I am enjoying this.  

About 3pm today when my body was starting to tell me it was tired I decided to stop at a little town on the top of the hill called Villamayor de Monjardin. There is a monastery on the top of the mountain and again I wonder how it got there!  

Churches everywhere and the plaza was happening with music, firecrackers as there is a fiesta on tonight.  

I don’t think I have told you about the Credential which is sort of like a passport for pilgrims.  Everywhere you go and everywhere you stay you can get a stamp in your credential.  This proves to the people in Santiago that you have walked The Way and you can then get your Compostella.

So today is almost over another tired girl and ready to hit the hay.  

If you do t hear from me everyday it is because the wifi is terrible but am sitting on the top of a hill I the sun drinking a big cerveza and putting this up now as good wifi

Hasta mañana me amigos xx

Day 5 Cizur Menor to Maneru

I am hoping you are all looking at the maps I downloaded at the beginning so you have some idea where I am.

I am writing this sitting in the full sun with a glass of rose and a good old packet of plain chips. Need the salt. 

Perfect day for walking today.  Not too hot not too cold and the sun was shining.  

Walked over a few mountains today and it is all very well that I say that but it is a very long continual walk uphill and then you have to manoeuvre coming down the other side as it is sometimes steeper that going up.  There are a lot of loose rocks and very slippery.   Thank goodness for walking poles as they really help to steady and take the weight off as you walk up and down.  

I am still amazed by the amount of people that get up at 5am in the pitch dark and set off.  They would be walking in total darkness for at least 2.5 hrs as the sun isn’t up until about 7.30.  I have made the decision to not walk in the dark.  What is the point.  You can’t see anything.  

So I set off from Cizur Menor this morning at about 7.20 and walked up a mountain.  Have a routine now.  Start walking for approximately an hour or so until I come to a little cafe/bar and have coffee and tortilla actually I lie I have tea and a tortilla which as I said before is actually a slice of frittata. 

Then walk for another couple of hours and stop for cafe con leche and a pastry then keep walking and stop somewhere along the track and have an apple and once I get to my destination I shower rinse out clothes and go to a bar for either a sangria or rose and blog then go back to my albergue for my pilgrim dinner and go to bed.   

I have met so many wonderful people on this journey. 

So today was great because the countryside has changed and we are now walking around the side of mountains with incredible views and a lot of farming areas that have been ploughed 

What I loved today is the top of the mountains are covered in windmills.  They are amazing. 

And the best part when we got to the top of the mountain there were all the iron statues of the pilgrims which I am sure you all saw in The Way

I have been travelling with a few people so we had to have a group photo. 

The nationalities are Canadian Americans Australian Brazilian and so it goes on. 

So as I said before quite different country today.  Very open and lots of big paddocks that had been ploughed.  Very steep mountains to climb down and just breathtaking.  I had to stop taking photos or I wouldn’t have gotten very far today. 

Here are a few

It was a big day today and feel I totally have my stride now.  I am not staying at the towns suggested on my maps as I get to most of these places by 11.30ish and feel I could keep walking. So I do.  

The villages I pass through are so gorgeous and the people so lovely.  As I have said before there is no way you can get lost.  Some more signage on the way today 

I reached Puente la Reina around 12.30ish and what a gorgeous town yet again.  I went into the church and the man inside showed me the statue of St James who had come this way on the first pilgrimage. Of course the church was amazing and so old. 

There were a lot of candles burning beside St James and I am sure Kerry would have known what to do but for me this is more spiritual than religious and also time for me.  

I have decided I could definitely live in Spain.  Cherene have we won the lottery yet ?  

The town of Puente La Reina was lovely and of course on the half hour and the hour all the church bells chime.  This is in every town. 

The front door. Most doors have a door knocker which is a hand. 

Note the huge bunches of red peppers hanging outside the top floor.  Very common site here in Spain.  The vegetable gardens are amazing.  However not many vegetables served at dinner. Mainly a salad of lettuce onion tomato and dressing.  I am craving a few veggies. 

This is the sort of main streets in towns I am walking through. 

So as I walked out of town heading to Maneru I crossed over another old bridge 

Puente la Reina means Queens bridge and was built in the X11th century.  This is how old this place is. It was built by the mayors wife of Sancho  III to support the safe movement of the increasing amount of medieval pilgrims who joined the route at this stage from both France and Spain 

Wow am I full of history!!!! 

So out of town and onto my last 6kms before I was ready to call it a day.  

There were a few mountains to climb though before I reached Maneru.  Big climb and hot a sweaty. 

So far this is my favourite photo of the trip but sure more to come. 

So arrived in Maneru very footsore and ready to take my shoes off. Another cute town. 

This is my bedroom for tonight 

That’s my bed by the window on the bottom 

So it has taken me over 2 hours and 4 glasses of rose to post this blog as the wifi is 😜 but it is done so you know what I have been up to. 

I love doing this so hope you are all enjoying it.  If you meet anyone who knows me and doesn’t have the link please feel free to pass it on.  I am quite enjoying doing this.  Maybe I will become a full time blogger!!!!

Buenos noches and adios amigos 


Day 4.  Larrasoana to Cizur Minor

Another day in paradise.  I have to defer to my sister and Lyn.  You cannot compare the paradise as mine is equally as fabulous and so different.

Had a wonderful communal dinner last night at Larrasoana with many other pilgrims I have met on the way.  I love the albergue’s as it is usually €10 euros a night to stay and then an extra €13 for a 3 course meal with lots of bottles of red wine.   It is so cheap and it is a good hearty meal to fill you up after a big day of walking.

The comraderie and friendships you form as you walk are wonderful.  

Had a fabulous nights sleep as you can imagine walking 30kms a couple of red wines and I was out for the count.   

Met a lovely American couple T and Roland from San Francisco and I was blogging and T was journaling which I think is the same but an American term.  We were laughing together as we were sharing stories and getting tidbits of what we had both written.  

So up this morning. Had a sleep in today and didn’t wake up until 6.35am.  Whooppee!!! 

It was dark but decided I wasn’t going to walk in the dark anymore as, funnily enough, you can’t see!!!

Packed up and we were all sitting downstairs waiting for first light to set off.  Today I walked with my new friend Donna from Victoria, Canada 

We set off on the road to Pamplona. Again it was a bit overcast but warm  and today walked in shorts and tshirt.  The countryside is so pretty with rolling mountains not hills.  

We started the day walking beside a river which was beautiful and the path beside it was like something out of a fairytale 

We walked 4kms down the road for breakfast and had zucchini tortilla and tea for breakfast.  The delicacy here is tortilla but to me it is a frittata.  It is delicious.  You can get potato (the speciality) zucchini, mushroom or cheese.  Very yummy 
This was a tiny place called Akeretta 

It was then a day of wandering through the countryside chatting with my new friend meeting up with new ones.  

We then started to come to the outskirts of Pamplona and the countryside changed to very cute villages and houses.  The beauty of walking the Camino is that you can’t get lost. No matter where you are there are signs everywhere. When you get to the cities the yellow arrows or the sign of the Camino which is a yellow scallop shell is on the pavement on the street corners or signs everywhere even through the main streets of Pamplona 

We walked into Pamplona and what a gorgeous place.  The walk takes you right through the old part of town.  Stopped in the plaza for coffee

Here are a few extra snaps of the way into town and around 

Saw this beautiful fan shop but can’t shop as I have to carry it

So we passed through Pamplona and out of town 2kms to a little town of Cizur Minur which is where I decided to stop for the day and Donna went on to the next place 6kms down the road. 

Staying in a lovely albergue Roncal 

Shower is always first on the list of getting into a new place. That and rinsing out some undies and then the day is yours.   Got in here today around 1ish so have been wandering the town

And having the regulation sangria 

Have spent the afternoon wandering, reading, drinking a few sangrias and have now run into my friend Guillermo and am having a pilgrims dinner with Francine from Quebec and Christine from Melbourne 

It is now the end of day 4 feeling fabulous.  

Life is good. Buenos noches me amigos


Day 3 Roncesvalles to Larrasaona

What day another fabulous day on the Camino.  The first time I have had all day of sunshine since I arrived in Europe and it was hot.  

Up this morning in the monastery at 6am.  People start getting up at 5 and it is still pitch black

The monastery where I stayed last night

Because everyone gets up I am up as well and my friend Gil and I set off at 6.45am and it was still dark.  Lucky for head torches.  It was wonderful walking through tiny Spanish villages before anyone was up.  This is what they looked like 

The way is so well marked you cannot get lost and if you do take a wrong turn a local will come out and tell you your going the wrong way.  So we just walked through cow paddocks and bush tracks and all the cows sheep and horses all have big bells round their necks so the tinkling of bells is constant and so lovely. I felt like yodelling!!! 

It was really foggy this morning and quite eerie walking until the sun rose and burnt it off.  

We got to Bourgette and found a little cafe in the plaza that was open so had breakfast – coffee latte, potato pie which is a delicacy and I can’t remember the name of it but delicious.  I bought a banana and 2 apples as well and it was €5. So cheap.  We set off and before long the clothes were coming off.  I love my hiking pants. I just zip the bottom off and I have shorts. Jacket off and I have a tshirt and it became very hot.  Thank goodness the lovely Cherene had lent me the water camel which I have been filling and using everyday.  

Today I got my stride happening and I was ready to walk.  I left Gil and told him would run into him again over the next couple of weeks and set off.  The paths and countryside are stunning.  What I love the most is most of the houses have the year they were  built. Some of them go back to the 1600

The way I walked today was spectacular. There ain’t no mountain high enough that I haven’t climbed there ain’t no river wide enough that I haven’t crossed it’s a long and winding road and I have walked it and the hills are alive with the sound of music!!!  I am sure there will be lots more as I mosey onto Santiago. So here are some shots of the walk today 

This is the sign of the Camino and it is everywhere or there is a yellow arrow so impossible to get lost as these are approx every 100m

So I walked on to Zubiri which was approx 21kms from Roncesvalles but as I said I had my stride on so decided to go further to Larrasoana which was another 5.6kms down the track and so pretty.  But first I had to sit down and have a very thirst quenching cerveza (beer in Spanish) in fact I had 2. Took my shoes and socks off and aired them as well as a little massage got wifi so played on the phone and then headed down the track.  Here are photos of the extra 5.6kms I walked and the beers 

So it is now 5.24pm on a beautiful Spanish evening. The sun is still high in the sky it is still very warm and I have arrived, showered, done some washing and now sitting out in the beautiful courtyard with a plethora of nationalities having a cold sangria before dinner.  

Just looked at my step-o-meter. I walked 30.7kms today.  A personal best 

Something that I forgot to let you know about today on the trail at a place calls Erro which in Spanish means mistake there was a pop up cafe on the side of the road and this is what was at his establishment 

Life is good.  Adios Amigos 

Day 1 and 2 on the Camino

I loved St Jean Pied de Port.  Little French village that is really old.  It has a citadel and ramparts all around the old town which you can walk around. Cobblestone and tiny streets and of course to add to its cuteness there is a river running through it.  

I stayed in the first of many Albergue’s which are the pilgrim hostels.   It is like being back in boarding school with 20 bunk beds in a room.  Of course as I walk on they may be smaller or larger.  No men’s and women’s we are all in together and same with the bathrooms.  Everyone is so friendly and chatty and of course from all over the world.  Haven’t come across many Australians but that is ok.  

As there are so many people in the rooms and everyone is keen to get started most people are up at 5-6am and off.  I have been sleeping like a log.  In bed by 9 and up at 5 but feeling so good for it.  

First day on the trail most people had headed off by 8 but I had to post  some surplus stuff from my Paris week on to Santiago so I didn’t have to carry it.  

I set off from SJPDP at about 9.20 and it was raining so on with the poncho and off.  I was walking with Palestinian’s. Mother and son, French, Mexican. A lot of Brazilian’s polish, and Americans and they are all my age or around that age so lots of comraderie.  

I had been told that the first and second day were the hardest and they weren’t kidding.   On the road from SJPDP and it was virtually straight up hill, windy, raining, cold and we were walking in cloud so visibility was nonexistent but no cared it was just pure fun.  No one was in a rush everyone was walking at their own pace.   It was a very steep climb and took 2.5hrs to walk 8kms. First stop was orisson halfway up the Pyrenees on the way to Roncesvalles.  I had booked to stay in the refuge there and it was gorgeous. Here are photos of SJPDP and the walk over the ‘hill’ into Orisson.  Luckily once I got there it cleared and the view down the valley was spectacular 

Ok I seem to be having a bit of difficulty loading a few photos so will keep on with my blog and try later.  

Orisson was lovely. Just a very small refuge.  Luckily I had booked. Only 2 rooms with 5 bunk beds in them.  Of course we all arrived so wet and everything was wet so we had to try s dry everything. Luckily they had dryers and a bar.  So it was a hot shower shoved the wet things in the dryer and down to the restaurant for hot homemade soup and bread and sangria.  As I had left early in the morning and only had to go 10kms I was there by 11.30 so had all afternoon to while away the time. Luckily I had my book, lots of people to talk to and some sangria.  

All the pilgrims accommodation includes dinner and breakfast.   Breakfast is bread (baguettes) butter and jam and tea or coffee.   All meals are communal at long tables and set menus so just put on the table.  Dinner last night was soup followed by roast chicken pieces and peas and carrot and potatoes in a big bowl.  Big carafe of red wine and desert was an almond custard pie.   Very delicious and we all had to get up and introduce ourselves and say why we were here.  It was so emotional.  Cancer survivors, mothers and daughters husbands and wives. Every possible reason to do this wonderful walk.  

It was then into bed and didn’t hear a thing until I woke up at 5am this morning.  

At least today it wasn’t raining. Still a little overcast but clearing. Set off with my Brazilian friend Guillermo and we walked together today.  He was a geophysicist who has just retired from Rio de Janeiro.   

The refuge at Orisson had given us a sandwich as there was nothing on the way to Roncesvalles which was 16kms down the road but over the Pyrenees.  All I wanted to do all day as we walked through the clouds on top of the world was sing. The hills are alive with the sound of music!!!! Very like that last scene only it was overcast.   So we walked and walked and eventually crossed the mountain and came down the other side.  It was soooo steep.  Thank goodness for my walking poles.  Very hard on the knees also and of course very muddy and slippery but such a sense of achievement when the sun came out as we arrived at the monastery in Roncesvalles.  

It is so beautiful in this part of the country and of course I am now in Spain.  

I am not having any luck posting photos so will wait until I have better wifi. 

It is time for a sangria so adios amigos until my next blog. 




The beginning 

I got a fabulous fast train down south today to Bayonne and then changed trains and headed into St Jean Pied de Port.  Very old town at the bottle of the Pyrenees.  Big climb tomorrow and there has been lots of  rain so will be lots of mud as I make my way over the mountains.  I will be singing the hills are alive with the sound of music.  A few of you reading this will understand.   

Have my credential (passport) for my pilgrimage and just done a huge walk around the town.  Went to the bishops prison and walked the ramparts.  

Just had a beautiful dinner and lots of rose in a lovely restaurant over the river.  I am loving the history and the age of everything.  Lots of world heritage listed places.  

So many different nationalities here.  Lots of Australians but lots more Spanish polish French South America german.  Just a plethora of nationalities.  

So here are a few photos of the day and the town.  

A week in Paris

My week in Paris is almost over.  I have walked virtually every inch of the city.  Seen the Eiffel Tower both day and night, l’arc de triumphe, Notre dame, pantheon, Sorbonne, walked the champs élysées sat in coffee shops, taken a river cruise down the seine had a walking tour of Montmartre as well as the Marais district and a lovely friend who lives in the Latin quarter took me for a walk all through that area.  I love the Architecture, the history the public transport system and cannot believe I actually touched and saw buildings that were built in 500AD.   Amazing.  I leave tomorrow to take a train down toSt Jean Pied de Port and start the Camino on Monday.  

Life is good and I love life. 

As you may have heard I have phone difficulties which means I am without internet unless I am in a cafe or place that has wifi so this may be intermittent or you could get an update every day.  

The main thing is I am having a ball.  

Until next time.  Here are a few photos