Train ride to Paris

Woke up to beautiful sunshine this morning and couldn’t decide whether to get up and do a little bike ride into town or start and pack. It was a huge decision!!

It started to rain so stayed in bed.

I really need to have a day without food and drinks. 🤣🤣🤣

Got up and started to pack. Not keen on doing it and the big question could I fit everything in my bag!!!

The only way I could do it was to bring out my drop dead gorgeous Italian handbag and christian it! My present to myself from Italy.

Yesterday I mentioned to Max that I hadn’t bought myself a present from France.

When I was at the markets on Sunday I saw a very beautiful pair of earrings but didn’t buy them. I decided I wanted them this morning and luckily for me the market was on again in Carnac.

It had started to rain a bit so Max said he would drive me down to the market to see if the lady had her stall there again today.

I was dropped off in the rain and off I went. Luck prevailed as she was there and spoke fluent English and was very excited that her earrings would be going to Australia. They were so lovely I bought 2 pairs then made my way to the pick up point in the pouring rain. Luckily I had bought my poncho raincoat I got in Spain a few years ago.

Jumped in the car and off we went to Sur la Mer for coffee by the water and then home again to finish my packing.

By the time we put the push bike away and finished packing, the sun had come out and it was very hot!

So here I am at the train station at Auray waiting for my train to Paris.

Very sad to say farewell to my brother as we have had a wonderful week here in Carnac. A really pretty part of the world.

As Max left me at the train we both said we would have an alcohol free day but after he left and I had an hour to kill I went to the bar and had a glass of wine. I am still on holidays!!!

The train pulled in and I hopped on, found my seat and promptly fell asleep.

We got to Rennes and there was a slight problem in that the doors of the train wouldn’t open. People were queued up both inside and outside the train. I thought it was quite funny and so did the woman sitting beside me.

We pulled into Montparnasse 15 minutes late but it didn’t worry me.

Paris was very hot so I made my way out of the station straight down to the airport shuttle and boarded the air conditioned bus.

By this time it was peak hour so it took rather a long time to get to the airport. Just like our M4!

I got out at Terminal 1 and got the airport shuttle which is a little monorail that took me to my hotel and I am now here, showered and sitting in the bar having a quiet glass of rose before I hit the sack.

Will be up at 5 to have breakfast and be at the airport by 6 ready for my very long trip home.

So this brings me to the end of my Italian/French blog for this year.

As always I love doing this and hope you have all enjoyed my travels with me.

See you all on my next adventure

Caio Caio

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

5 thoughts on “Train ride to Paris”

  1. Great read Mags. Enjoy your breakfast and I am sure the trip will be fine. Clear day here in Sydney and warming up for you xx


  2. Enjoyed your blog so much Mags! Can’t wait for you to get home so we can catch up and hear more of your trip! Safe trip back xx


  3. Wonderful Blog Maggie love reading your adventures. The weather is clearing, Sydney must know you are on your way home. Cannot wait for your next adventure 🥂


  4. We have loved reading your blog Maggie – such wonderful stories of your adventurous life with great photos. Look forward to catching up with you some time this year so we can swap stories. Safe travels home xx


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