Last full day in Carnac

Can’t believe that my wonderful holiday is coming to an end.

It was still a bit overcast this morning but at least it wasn’t raining.

I have had a blocked ear for most of the holiday from swimming in Tuscany and getting water in my ear.

As I am getting on a plane on Thursday thought I had better do something about it.

Got the pushbike out and rode down to the doctors. Here in Carnac the doctors open at 9am and you don’t need an appointment. I got down there at about 10 to 9 and there were 2 other people waiting. The doctor turned up at about 9.20 and we all filed in and took a seat. Everyone knows what number the are in the queue so the first person went in and then the next and then me.

The doctor was lovely, spoke fluent English and had been to Australia. She had photos of the opera house and kangaroo island on her wall.

She syringed my ears and it was wonderful to be able to hear properly again.

Rode home and got ready for our outing today.

First we had to go back to Leroy Merlin which is the Bunnings equivalent here in France as Max had to order a sink but then we were off.

Again drove through very pretty countryside and arrived inRochefort-en-Terre. The most beautiful town. Cobblestone streets, houses covered in vines and flowers everywhere.

After a little wander around we had lunch and the specialty was crepes.

Found a lovely restaurant overlooking the valley and I had a Norwegian crepe which is a crepe filled with salmon and all sorts of goodies and then to finish off had a desert crepe

It was delicious!!!

Did some more wandering around town and went up the hill to the Chateau.

It was being renovated and apparently someone lives in there so we couldn’t go in. I would hate to think what the cost would be of keeping these chateaux and big houses maintained!

Wandered some more

Took the scenic trip back through Grand-Champ and ended up in St Anne d’Auray. I googled St Anne and apparently she was the grandmother of Jesus. She was Mary’s mother.

That’s her on top of the spire of the church.

As a final stop we went to Trinite de mer for a drink by the ocean and would you believe they had Four Pines beer on tap.

On the way home we drove past this amazing display of tree trunks that were maintained by this man and he had fashioned people out of them. They were on both sides of the road.

Of course as a final farewell Sheila and Robin had invited us for dinner downstairs and Christine and Vincent also.

Had a wonderful last night

Very sad to say goodbye to them all but have let them all know I am available for house sitting whenever they need to go away or know of people going away.

A huge last day in Carnac. Didn’t take long to get to sleep


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Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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