Rain rain go away!

Woke to the sound of rain on my windows.

How dare it rain when I am on holidays!

Slept in this morning after our late night last night.

It was pretty miserable outside but we got ourselves ready for a day out.

Had an exciting start to our day out. Max took me to the local tip!

One thing I have noticed here in France everyone is very conscious of recycling, bottles, paper, rubbish and even Nespresso capsules. There was a special bin at the dump to put them in.

We headed out to Quiberon which is at the furthest point around the bay from Max’s. There is a sort of causeway going there and a fully functioning fort. Been in use protecting the place from invaders for 1000s of years.

Got out to the coast which is actually the Atlantic Ocean. The other side where I was swimming is also the Atlantic but known as the Bay of Biscay.

Drove around to Quiberon and there at the end of the point was this very fairytale looking castle. Apparently a very old rich man owns it and lives in it.

We drove through the town which of course was another beautiful town

It was lunchtime so went and found a lovely restaurant down on the waterfront and had the local fair.

Sardines, crepes and rose

As the weather was so bad we got back in the car and drove all over the place.

As you can see from some of these photos these are people’s holiday homes. Saddest thing is they only come down for a few weeks in the summer and are closed up for the rest of the year.

I would be more than willing to look after them for the owners.

It was such a miserable day we went on an adventure to Vannes so Max could buy a sink, vacuum cleaner and taps. How exciting. Saw the French version of Bunnings!!!

We came home and had a little rest as we had been invited out to dinner to Christine and Vincent’s place who live in the most gorgeous place. It was too wet to take photos but just beautiful.

They had another couple as well. Bernadette and Didian. It was a lovely night and the food was to die for. Vincent cooked clams on the barbecue in a Bloody Mary sauce. Out of this world. Followed by a citron tiramisu which was so delicious Christine gave me a doggy bag to bring home.

I have asked for the recipe in English.

Bernadette is an artist. She gets porcelain from Limoge and paints it then fires it. She showed me some of her work and it was stunning.

So another wonderful day in Carnac and here it is 12.30am and still sitting up as it only got dark about an hour ago.

Buon nuit

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Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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