Living the village life

Today started off with coffee in the Cafe Breton with Vincent then it was off to the markets to do the shopping.

Love a market and this was no exception. In this part of town there is one on Sunday and Wednesday. Another town it is Tuesday and Saturday so there is never a shortage of fresh produce as well as clothes, hats, jewellery, kitchen utensils and versions other items. They were huge markets and the food. OMG!

The spices and paella and fish and periwinkles and pippies. Absolutely wonderful.

After the markets we took a little wander around the town. So old. That is what I love the history.

Max had to go and do some other things so he dropped me off at ‘the stones’ or Megalithes and I played tourist and went on a little train ride around the countryside.

Carnac is famous for these stones. They have been here for over 6000 years and they are the dilemma of the palaeontologists, historians and archeologists as no one is really sure were they came from. There are 3 men who have been studying them for years.

As you can see in the photos they have all been fenced off to stop damage. Carnac has applied for UNESCO world heritage classification as it is of significant historical importance.

The tour went around a few towns and by the harbour

I am loving the Bretagne homes. White with blue shutters. Very cute.

We are now sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean eating Brittany oysters. So fresh Max just shucked them still with sea water in them.

We got the pushbike out of the garage before lunch so am going to go on a little bike ride around the beachfront after lunch.

Have just been for a 2.5hr bike ride around the area. Very flat and very pretty.

Cycled all the way along the beach front

Then cycled back inland to the Megalithes as there was one in particular I wanted to see that wasn’t on the tour.

It was the giant Megalithe which I found after taking the bike off road down bush tracks that were very pretty.

Turned a corner and there it was.

Just standing there in a rectangle of stones around it

Totally fascinating.

I cycled back into town and found the place where the markets were this morning but absolutely no trace this afternoon.

Cycled back out to the beach and found the town sign for Carnac. It has two names as one is the Bretagne Gaelic Karnag

At this stage of my blog I should show you where I am staying

In the grey roof bit second one across with no white shutters. 4th floor – 63 steps up and no lift.

This is the view

Having a quiet night at home tonight as out for the next 2 nights for dinner with friends and neighbours.

With summer being here and daylight saving. It is now 11.25pm and has just got dark half an hour ago.

It has been lovely today experiencing village life and exploring the area.

Buon nuit

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Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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