Over the hills and far away

Had the best nights sleep last night and woke to the smell of fresh croissants again. This is the way to wake up.

Went downstairs and Rose had baked fresh croissants and bread and a wonderful breakfast. I asked for tea and she asked if I wanted builders tea! Gaye knows what I mean. It was delicious and very hot.

Had a wander around the town of Tignes before we left and would thoroughly recommend the little chalet we stayed in. Rose had the most beautiful cat which I wanted to put in my suitcase

We set off down the road and we still did quite a bit of climbing and descending but not as high as the last few days.

I must mention that in all the time we have been driving and crossing mountains and borders the majority of traffic on the road has been cyclists and motorbike riders.

Going up mountains and there are markers on the side of the road telling cyclists the degree of climb as well as how far to the top

There were a few more mountains to climb but at the top of these ones apart from there being a huge dam/lake there was a coffee shop open.

It was a lot warmer at the top of these mountains as well, probably because they were not as high.

We drove through Beaufort and Ugine which were both very pretty towns.

We then drove around this massive lake called Lac d’Annecy which was full of chalets and boats on the lake with people lying on the grass round the lake (hot day) and then got to the town of Annecy itself and how beautiful was that. Right on the lake with canals going through the town with swans and ducks and flowers everywhere and little bridges to cross. We could have been in Venice only there were no gondolas and the canals were a bit wider.

Parked the car and wandered. Max had to change a pair of shoes so found the shop and walked around the corner to the restaurant Brunet which we discovered had a 2019 Michelin star. Need I say the food was fantastic and 3 courses later we wandered out onto the street.

We had a lovely afternoon in Annecy and after quite a few hours headed back to the car to do a final leg before dark which at the moment is around 9.30-10pm.

We arrived in Macon at about 7pm having done some more fabulous scenery

And we are now fed and watered and lying down ready for another day tomorrow. This country just gets prettier and prettier and as I said before the photos don’t do it justice.

Buon nuei mes amis.

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

4 thoughts on “Over the hills and far away”

  1. Looks amazing what a great travel experience you are having, it is so great to see the Alpine areas, they are truly beautiful


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