The hills are alive with snow capped mountains

OMG what a day.

Had the best nights sleep and after breakfast we wandered through the amazing castle that is above and around Vinadio.

We headed out of town towards Guillaumes which is on the French side of the alps.

Amazing drive. Hairpin bends, single road and lots of motor bikes and cyclists. We climbed up to 2235m and cyclists were cycling up those mountains.

There were amazing sites of looking back down the valleys and villages and monasteries built on the side of mountains.

Some of the most spectacular scenery and it only got better.

We got to the top at 2235m and there was the French border and we were right at the top of a ski slope with the top of ski lift right there.

While we were driving up the mountains we saw a lot of little furry animals that I thought looked like beavers. Thank you Mr Google They were Marmots which are common to alpine areas. When we got to the top there was a big statue of an Alpine Ibex which are also common to this area

Very flamboyant antlers but you still got the idea!

We crossed the border

Funny! They call France the cote d’zur.

Driving down the other side of the mountain you could see all the ski lifts and ski runs. It was huge.

On the way down a baby deer (bambi) ran out in front of us So by the time we reached the bottom of that mountain we had seen heaps of wild life.

The road just kept going up one mountain then down the other side and up the next one. All of it totally spectacular.

We only had 98kms to go from Vinadio to Guillaumes but it took all day due to only one car fitting at a time, hairpin bends, no barriers and speed limit of 20-30kms ph.

Villages on the side of mountains

Amazing bridges to cross

And of course all the mountains still had a bit of snow on them. We reached the snow line a few times and I got out of the car in my shorts, T-shirt and thongs.

We arrived at Guillaumes for lunch and what a pretty town it was set between the mountains. It was a medieval town as well. Had a little walk around

Found a lovely cafe for lunch and in walked 2 Australians from Melbourne. Had a chat and a lovely lunch with a very cheeky waitress who I think was the owner.

Off we headed for Barcelonette which was only 62kms away but we had to cross another mountain so took us an hour and a half to get there.

Again truly spectacular scenery and some amazing tunnels that they had cut into the side of the mountain to continue the road.

This time I got out of the car and put my feet in the snow

Wasnt cold at all. I have been taking photos of the beautiful alpine flowers

It was the most amazing day of incredible scenery that I have only seen in movies or on chocolate boxes. Absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice.

We came down and are now in a bar in Barcelonette as when we arrived it started pouring with rain so checked into our little hotel and found a bar out of the rain.

Every time I come to France it is overcast and raining. At least it is warm.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. This is the first rain I have seen since being in Europe.

Have been sitting in the bar for a while and it is full of English cyclists who have all been cycling the mountains today. Huge effort.

The rain has stopped, we have got our bags out of the car and had a shower. I have my leggings and my French striped jumper on, to fit in with the French as well as my Flanders poppy scarf so feeling very French.

It is a tad chilly here in France but I am sure, being the eternal optimist and am sure tomorrow will go back to the hot Italian weather.

We have had a wonderful dinner in Barcelonette and it is now time for bed

Buon nuit mes amis

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

5 thoughts on “The hills are alive with snow capped mountains”

  1. Oh my Mags what a fabulous part of the world. So much history everywhere and great to see the ski slopes and those gorgeous mountain flowers. Phew glad you had your striped t shirt!


  2. WOW!!!! Such spectacular scenery! An understatement. Thanks for sharing Mags. Looks like you’re blending in beautifully . Have you had a drive?


    1. No way Rob. I am leaving it totally to Max. Wrong side for me and around those mountains very scary. Xx


  3. Wow such gorgeous countryside and you look even more gorgeous and very French …. loving your pics and reading your blog everyday while I slave away in wet, cold North Sydney where you will soon return 🙂 Enjoy every minute Mags x


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