The last day

The last day in paradise and another stunning day it is. The temperature has been constantly in the high 20s with it reaching over 30 today and for the next week. Definitely don’t want to go home.

After a leisurely breakfast and some washing we said our fond farewells to Julie and Joe as they were leaving today to head down to the Amalfi coast. Very sad to see them go.

After they had left we set off for Pienza. Of course we went down the dirt roads behind our villa and the views yet again were beautiful

Pienza was a papal town built by Pope Pius II in the 14th century. This meant that everyone that lived there had to pay taxes to The Pope.

Another very beautiful town and after our morning coffee we wandered the streets.

Pienza was also the town Franco Zeffirelli filmed Romeo and Juliette back in the 60s. I remember seeing that film and coming out of the theatre hysterical from crying it was so sad. Even though I knew the story and the end!

There were some lovely shops in Pienza so of course did a little shopping!

Ran into Chienza our chef from Ro’s birthday celebrations.

Nicci, Steven and myself decided to go home via Multepulchiano so we left and popped off to MonteP as we now call it.

Nicci wanted to do a tiny bit more shopping so we wandered up the street, she got what she needed and we then ran into Stu sitting in a cafe having some peace and quiet. We disturbed him had an Aperol and headed off via the supermarket and home to laze by the pool for the last time.

We had made arrangements to have a final dinner at our favourite restaurant in Monticello so we got dressed and walked into town.

A beautiful night and quite warm. Summer is definitely here.

The specialty of the restaurant was boars stew which was popular with everyone but I had the beef which was delicious with Tuscan beans. Naturally we finished it all off with Gelato.

Have had such busy fun days I have not had time to blog but will sort myself out as tomorrow we leave and Max and I start the drive back to France

Caio from Tuscany.

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Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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