Slow road to France

Feeling very sad this morning that our fabulous week is over and we all split up to go our separate ways.

It was a sad farewell to everyone, packed the cars and headed out of town.

Max and I are heading back to his place in Brittany but taking our time to get there.

Headed off this morning towards Sienna and beyond but stayed on the back roads nearly all the way.

Came up through Monte San Sorvino and stopped at Loro Ciuffenna for lunch which was a gorgeous old medieval town dating back to the 1400’s.

The countryside was quite different as we headed north. Very mountainous and lots of climbing mountains and coming down the other side. Hairpin bends and mad Italian drivers.

A bit hairy but so beautiful and yet another perfect day.

We made our way across Italy bypassing Sienna, Florence and Bologna and going through little towns away from the tourists.

Came through Borgia San Lorenzo, Barbarino, Maranello which is where the Ferrari factory is and from then on virtually every 4th car we passed was a Ferrari. All red of course!

Ended up in Salsomaggiore Terme which is where we are staying the night. The owners of our Hotel Gloria had been to Australia back in the 1990’s and loved it.

They told us that there was a festival on in town tonight so we had a shower, got changed and walked around the corner to the main part of town and OMG what a surprise. It was a very beautiful town and there were markets and bars with bands playing and at the other end there was a blues festival. So much happening.

We wandered around the streets

We sat in the piazza and had a drink and then wandered around more of the old part of town. On our way there were posters everywhere for my festival (Celeste being my middle name)

Salsomaggiore Terme is a spa town and you should have seen the spa building. Absolutely spectacular

All marble and gold!

We walked back around the corner and here was the band parading up the street playing music until they got to the stage

There was so much atmosphere it was fantastic and a really hot balmy night so everyone was out.

Max and I found a lovely little Italian restaurant on the side of the street that we could hear the band from and had a wonderful dinner

It was then once more around the block and strolled up the street where there were street markets selling handbags, shoes, clothes, jewellery etc.

By the time we had walked the streets and checked everything out it was well past midnight so it was home to Hotel Gloria and into bed. Very warm tonight. I have the fan on.

How am I going to go back to Sydney and winter???

Buona notte

Ciao ciao

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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