Onto the next Villa

Very sad this morning as it was time to say farewell to all the fabulous people I have met and had lots of laughs this week.

I thought as it was the final day before we left I would post where we have ridden all this week. So enjoy.

As you can see we have traveled some kms and I feel so much fitter at the end of this week than I did at the beginning.

Now it is off to Lucca to be picked up by my brother and be whisked off down to Monticello to our next villa to start the birthday celebrations of the year!

What a lovely afternoon we had. Met Max at the cafe in Lucca and after a few coffees headed out of town.

Drove through beautiful Italian countryside all the way to Monticello stopping for lunch in a little cafe on the way

Eventually arrived at our villa and how stunning was the view

It was a very hot afternoon by the time we arrived at the villa. Julie and Joe has arrived and it wasn’t long before Nicci and Stephen and Ro and Nic and Ben arrived and we were all sitting around the pool having drinks and enjoying the summer evening. Julie and I went for a swim in the pool and then a huge surprise as Olaf (Stuart) arrived as a huge surprise for the celebrations.

Ro had booked us in for dinner at 8 in Monticello so we loaded up a couple of cars and headed into town for a beautiful dinner in the medieval town of Monticello

So the end of another fabulous day in Italy.

Tomorrow will be a chill out by the pool and total relaxation.

It is very late and am ready for shut eye

Buona notte

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

4 thoughts on “Onto the next Villa”

  1. So exciting you are all at the villa for continuation of the festival of Ro! But wow that’s some km you put in on the bike Mags. I was wincing when you brought up the bike seating issues! Oh I’m sure they were minor. Relax now! Xxx


    1. A lot more relaxed now. Lying by the pool. It is hot only 10.30 and been swimming already.


  2. It all looks fabulous ….. loving your updates wow what a week of bike riding you have had and now for some real celebrations and relaxation enjoy every minute as I know you will Mags xxx


  3. My legs are tired just looking at the map, good on you Mags, love the scenery.
    Let the celebrations continue in style and the champagne to flow for the birthday of Ro. Your family looks ready for some fun.
    Ta Teen


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