Another day in the SaddleQ

Everyday just gets better and better.

Such a lovely bunch of people on this cycling trip and having lots of laughs

Another hot sunny day in Tuscany.

After another sumptuous breakfast in our beautiful glass annex it was on with the cycling gear and off we went.

Today we did a 52km ride and some very big hills. I should stop calling them hills as they are mountains

We did a lot of cycling and mountains today and this is how I felt when we got to the top

I know I have an e-bike but there is still a lot of cycling to be done.

As we cycled through the countryside here are a few photos of the day.

We stopped for lunch at the bottom of the mountain and I have to say the downhill was so much fun. Hairpin bends and lots of gravel, pine cones and cars and trucks coming up the hill on the narrow road. Oh but the fun of coming downhill at full pelt with the wind in your face. I had a bit of a manic laugh as we careered down the mountain.

Lunch was at a lovely road stop but the proprietress was really good and as there were so many of us just bought out big plates of 3 different types of pasta. So much easier. Of course I had to have my obligatory Aperol.

After we did another couple of mountains we stopped for our obligatory gelato which is just around the corner from our villa.

Home and straight into the pool for some rest and relaxation and then it was our stretching yoga class. Did a Yin class today which I have never done before and I loved it. Finished with our legs up the wall which I find incredibly relaxing.

It is now aperitif and nibbles time prior to another fabulous dinner by Fiorenza.

Each morning at yoga a word is given for the day and the person that shows the most of the word gets a bicycle cap to wear for the day.

For example the first days word was gratitude and Anita got the hat at the end of the day as she has expressed gratitude all day by saying how wonderful everything was and how grateful she was to be here

The second days word was courage. The cap was awarded to Katherine for climbing incredible mountains on a normal bike (not an e-bike).

And today’s word was adventure. It was awarded to Justine as prior to doing this holiday she had not ridden much and was wearing clip ons and going the extra mile at the end of the day when an extra hard course was offered for anyone wanting to do more.

Tomorrow is a rest day so will spend the morning by the pool and in the afternoon we are all going to an olive oil farm and winery.

So for now buona notte

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

7 thoughts on “Another day in the SaddleQ”

    1. I don’t think I am going to come back. Italy is so beautiful and the people so friendly and it is a society that actually likes bike riders.


  1. Looks like sooooo much fun Mags!!! And such perfect weather!! Our last bit of sunshine today in Perth before the winter rains begin.


    1. I don’t think I am going to come back. Italy is so beautiful and the people so friendly and it is a society that actually likes bike riders.


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