First big ride

I am lying by the pool at the end of a huge day of cycling, hills, lunch, gelato and more cycling. What a day

Up this morning and into the riding gear.

After another sumptuous breakfast we got the bikes and we were off.

I should mention here that we have a great support crew with us each day.

Charlie cycles with us every day and charges our batteries on our bikes each night as well as helping with any bike difficulties. He comes over from the UK to help Virginia with the cycling.

Nicole also helps with the cycling but is also the yoga teacher for our yoga classes.

Nick is Nicole’s partner and takes all the photos and helps out as well.

Then there is Virginia who runs the whole of Soul Fit Adventures. She is a cyclist, yoga teacher and the person behind it all.

We set off this morning about 9 am and were told last night in our briefing that we would be cycling about 80kms today.

And what a beautiful day it is. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky and getting warm by 9am.

I had tried the e-bike out yesterday but needed to really work it out as it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Charlie had charged all the batteries overnight as there are 3 of us who have an e-bike. Of course got to the bottom of the driveway and mine wouldn’t turn on. Charlie to the rescue and off we went.

Everything is so green in Italy and the mountainous terrain with houses on the side of them just makes it all so picturesque

We cycled to Piazzano which was a nice cycle and then onto Montemagno where we stopped at the top of the mountain for refreshments and photos.

It was then a downhill ride which was fantastic all the way to the bottom of the mountain and into a gorgeous little town called Pietra Santa. We stopped there for lunch and of course there was the obligatory church with bells that rang out on the hour. We went into the piazza and had lunch. I had an aperol as I was thirsty and after people watching and having a chat with the girls we met up with everyone and headed back.

The roads were quite busy and by this stage my saddle was very hard and even though I had good niks on my “bits” were beginning to show wear and tear! The roads were very bumpy and quite a few potholes as well as steel round grates for sewerage or some sort of something to access under the road. So every time I rode over these or the bumpy road I was in a bit of agony!

The scenery and the mountains were spectacular and it was such a perfect day for a ride that I put that all behind me and just cycled on.

We were on our way back and went back up the mountain we had flown down that morning. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad a climb as I thought and we were back at the top of the mountain before we knew it.

From then on it was virtually a downhill run all the way home which was so much fun. I love freewheeling down a hill.

It was gelato on the way home at Sauro Gelateria and then it was home.

Arrived back at 3.30ish so a good days ride

It was immediately off with the riding clothes on with the swimming costume and straight into the pool. Bliss.

Still very hot and quite a few people with sunburn.

Did my stretching yoga class and tried really hard not to fall asleep. Feeling very tired and stiff and sore from the ride.

A couple of glasses of wine and another gastronomic feast from Fiorenza and that was it.

I am in bed hardly able to keep my eyes open.

Such a good day and after our briefing tonight. Same again tomorrow.

Buona Notte


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Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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