Heaven on a stick

This place I am staying in would have to be the most beautiful place and I have another one to contend with next week.

Oh bliss!

Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine. Nothing to rush out of bed for as want doing the morning yoga class.

Took my time to get up and shower and put the cycling gear on.

Went for a wander around the estate and breakfast was in the beautiful glass annex we had dinner in last night.

Fabulous breakfast. We have 2 cooks here permanently for the week and the meals are spectacular.

This was breakfast

The 2 lovely Mercedes came to pick us all up and take us into town to get our bikes.

Took a little while to get everyone sorted so while I was waiting Siobhan and I went for a walk through Lucca.

There was some sort of military ceremony happening with uniforms and medals and brass bands. Not sure what it was for but the whole crowd started singing so assumed it was the Italian national anthem.

There were Sunday markets happening and everyone was out as it was another beautiful hot day in Italy.

Got our bikes sorted and we were off

I have an E-bike but you would never know. It was lovely to ride.

Did a circuit of the wall to get used to our bikes and we were off.

Unfortunately we didn’t stop at all and it was 2 hours- 42kms of cycling on a flat road with some busy roads but the beauty of Italy is that the car drivers actually like bikes so did not feel in any way in danger as we did a circuit around the outskirts of Lucca

As we didn’t stop not much time for photos but squeezed in one of a big tower on the top of a house or hill. Not quite sure.

Got to try out the electric part of the bike as we approached the villa and had to go up a bit of a hill. Must admit took me a while to get the hang of it. I thought I could just press the button and it would take off but was informed I had to change gears and give some resistance before it went zooming off. I love it.

Got home and have to say the saddle is extremely hard and was quite sore. Thank goodness I packed my butt cream!!!

Lunch was waiting for us on our return and yet another scrumptious meal of two different types of pasta and salad.

Went for another swim and I had booked in for a massage.

So thrilled that Isa had driven over from Munich to be our massage therapist for the week.

I first met Isa when I did my cycling trip through Laos 7 years ago as she came along as the yoga teacher and cycling guide. We shared a room and I hadn’t seen her since.

So lovely to see her again and catch up

I floated off the massage table and into a stretch yoga class and feel like I am floating on air right now.

I am sure I will sleep very well as we will be off in the morning and doing a big ride of approx 80 kms.

Thank goodness we have the pool to relax and cool off in when we get back each day.

Showered and ready for dinner. Had a drink of wine in the kitchen with Fiorenza who is our wonderful cook

Another fabulous dinner with lots of laughter and fun.

Just been told we will be cycling 80kms tomorrow so am in bed to get a good nights sleep to enable me to do it. Thank goodness for an E-bike


Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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