Quiet day in Lucca

Today is the day I move into a villa and start riding a bicycle.

Had a leisurely breakfast on the beautiful balcony with Siobhan. A lady who is also doing the cycling.

I checked out of Evelina’s but Sylvia was so lovely, she is going to keep our bags for us until we are picked up by our transfer this afternoon.

An absolutely beautiful day. It is warm and for the first time this morning did not need a jumper on. Good sign.

I wanted to do some last minute things in Lucca before we left this afternoon (shopping) so off I went.

I have absolutely fallen in love with Lucca. The people are lovely and so helpful and it is not inundated with tourists.

Have thoroughly enjoyed my short time here and look forward to a return visit.

I walked the ramparts of the town and came across a medieval festival. It goes for 2 days with all sorts of activities. Everyone was dressed in medieval costumes and all the stalls were selling medieval goods.

I found the street I was looking for and did my shopping. I could have gone crazy. The smell of leather was almost overwhelming so you can guess what sort of shop I was in!!!

As it is Saturday everywhere I went in all the little piazzas there were little markets.

After some serious shopping I am now sitting in Puccini’s piazza having coffee.

I tried a cappuccino the first morning I was here. They don’t put chocolate on top not that I wanted it but pretty ordinary

Then later I tried an espresso. Not too bad. But this morning have found my coffee. A macchiato with a little biscotti and I am happy!

Walked my feet down to stumps this morning and climbed 5 billion stairs and have had my gelato so am now at the meeting place for our transfer to pick us up and take us to our villa.

When I climbed the clock tower this morning you could look across and see our breakfast balcony.

Went and had a slice of pizza and a gelato and I met Siobhan and we headed off to our pick up point for our transfer to the villa.

There are 14 on the trip. 13 girls and 1 guy and all lovely. 2 from the US, 2 from Jersey in the UK and the rest from Oz.

Two gorgeous Italian men arrived in the black Mercedes van to pick us all up and we headed off to the villa.

Lots of very narrow roads and right out of town.

We arrived at big gates which opened for us and OMG! I have definitely died and gone to heaven. If this is anything like the villa we have next week I am moving to Italy immediately.

This is my room with view

Unpacked and settled in and it was so hot went to the pool for a swim

I am definitely moving to Italy

Everyone on the trip joined me at the pool and we swam and chatted and got to know everyone and before we knew it was time to get dressed for dinner.

But the villa is so beautiful even walking back from the pool

We had drinks under the trees in the garden

Then headed in for dinner

Such a wonderful first night of the cycling week. Really looking forward to it.

After a beautiful home cooked meal (4 courses). I am finishing my blog and off to bed.

Weather really heating up and looking fabulous for the rest of the week.


Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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