I have arrived

24.5 hours later I am here in Pisa. Great flight but very long. Sat beside some lovely people and at 1.30pm Italian time I have arrived.

Warm and overcast. Pisa is only a little airport but so funny to watch the Italians chattering and waving their hands in the air when they speak.

I got my train ticket to Lucca and walked out of the airport onto the Pismover which took me directly to the train station and onto the train to Lucca. The timetable said it was supposed to leave at 2.20 but I was still waiting to leave at 10 to 3! Oh I am going to love the relaxed attitude of Italy.

On the way to Lucca it absolutely bucketed down. Almost hail it was so heavy. Lucky it happened while I was on the train.

Was in Lucca within 20 minutes and what a lovely old station.

I got a map at the station and looked up where I was staying and headed off pulling my suitcase behind me.

The town of Lucca is world heritage listed and is totally surrounded by a big wall. The present wall stems from the renaissance and dates back to 1645. But was the fourth wall. The original wall three times ago dates back to 180 before Christ was born. Amazing!

To get through that wall and into the town there are lots of little very steep and winding staircases. With my suitcase it wasn’t easy but I did it and when you got through to the other side it was like being in another world

Cobblestone streets and very ancient buildings.

With my trusty map I headed off and found my very cute bed & breakfast that I am staying in.

This is the key to my room.

I was pretty keen to have a shower and get myself out of my flying clothes so after meeting Silvia (my host) and having a shower, I was off around town.

Unfortunately it was raining and a bit damp so what does one do in Italy. Find a restaurant in the piazza and have a glass of wine.

As it was still raining I tried a real Italian pizza.

Even though it was a little damp it didn’t discourage anybody from being out and about.

I sat in the square and people watched and took in the fact I was in Italy after such a long wait to get here.

Went for a little walk and the tiredness of a long journey took hold.

Made my way back to Evelina’s (my B&B) and hit the sack.

Tomorrow is another day.

Buona notte

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