Last day at La Jagee

After the fabulous dinner we had last night everyone is very slow today.

Bob headed off to the train just after breakfast as he was heading back to Paris a day earlier and today everyone is pottering.

On our return from Villandry yesterday there was the most beautiful house which would be a small chateau I suppose called Le Gerfaut which is also a Hotel. We made enquiries cycling home yesterday and all the girls have booked in for morning tea this morning. We are going to cycle there in our good clothes. That should be funny.

We are here and it is amazing.

The lady came out to greet us and what a delight.

Then we went inside. To think that the lady, her husband and 3 children live there and are 6th generation.

This was the lock on one of the doors off the salon.

And the plates were stunning

After our lovely morning tea of which the lady had made everything herself we wandered through the beautiful parklands and after lots of au revoir and we will be back we rode back to Azay Le Rideau and went to the first supermarket I had seen in France to get a french meal of fromage, foie gras, vin, baguettes and anything else french for a picnic dinner back at La Jagee for our last night in the Loire.

The most craziest thing I saw at the supermarket was out the front you could do your laundry while doing your shopping

And also you bring your bottle to the store and fill it up out of a machine straight from the cow. The milk here is unpasteurised.

Every morning our milk from La Jagee is out of a bottle that Kerrie had been into town and filled up from the machine.

We cycled back into town and found a Boulangerie where we had pastries, quiche and a cup of tea and Jane and I then cycled home and the others went off and did their thing.

We are now sitting on the verandah drinking a cheeky french rose in the lovely sunny afternoon of our last day in the Loire.

Now the girls have joined us and we have undone all the fabulous food we bought today with the baguettes and we are feasting on food, sparkling wine and rose.

So our week at La Jagee is coming to an end. We have had a great time.

Hindsight has become the buzz word but we have had a lot of laughs, a lot of singing on our bikes and more eating and drinking than I have done in a long time but worth every minute.

Au revoir all my followers. Until next trip.


Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

2 thoughts on “Last day at La Jagee”

  1. Thanks Mags for a wonderful trip…..I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and haven’t got a sore arse, eaten too many scrumptious pastries or drunk too much delicious wines!!! But I wish I had!!!


  2. Great trip Mags! Thank you for blogging. You certainly bring the trip to life with pics and words. I so want to go to Mont St M and also those Fabo chateaux!  Can’t believe you will be back here in the morning when I wake up. Wow. Vivid finishes tonight. Lucky you just got it in before you left.  I have been working for a couple of weeks and will work one more.  Finally doing what I wanted to do on my first day here in 1974: work in the middle of the city.  Anyway it’s been fun but don’t want to continue. I never see the sun!  You are prob on your flight right now. Hope the movies are good. See ya soon!  Love P and J xxxx 


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