Loire Valley

Woke to pouring rain again this morning and it was heavy. Not as heavy as we get but it was wet.

We were supposed to be leaving on our bikes at 8.30 but we turned over and went back to sleep as cycling in the rain was not appealing.

Glad to say everyone felt the same way so rather than riding to Chinon to see the sites we decided to get the train.

The lovely Kerry offered to drop us at the station at Azay Le Rideau and we jumped in the train and went off to Chinon.

Laura, Libby and Jonathan rode their bikes to the station and Jane, Ross, Isla and I went in the car.

The rain had dissipated a little so Jane and I walked into Chinon while Laura, Libby and Jonathan cycled into the tourist office.

This is the area of Joan of Arc. Massive statue of Joan in the town centre.

Met everyone in town and went to the tourist bureau. Jane and I wanted to do a river cruise but because of the rain they didn’t think it would happen plus it didn’t go until 4pm so too late.

Not to worry.

We went and had a coffee and planned what we would. We walked through town and there was a massive double lift that would take us up to the fortress at the top of the ridge above the town.

The fortress of Chinon sits above the medieval town of Chinon with the river La Vienne flowing through the town below.

This amazing fortress was built in the 15th century and expanded over the years. Once you got up to the fortress the view was amazing right across the valley and the river and vineyards of the Loire.

There were so many different parts of the fortress to see. The kings apartments, the dog tower, the ramparts etc etc. was just amazing to wander through these places and imagine what it must have been like all those years ago.

We spent the next 3 hours wandering around the fortress going down into dungeons and latrines and up onto ramparts. Lost in a time thousands of years ago

There was a lovely cafe in the grounds so we stopped for lunch and the mandatory glass of wine and after the gift shop we headed down the hill.

As Laura, Libby and Jonathan had bikes they rode off down the hill while Jane and I went down the cobble street to the bottom through the medieval part of town.

OMG it is all so breathtaking and at every turn there is something old and fabulous to see.

As it is a Monday there are a lot of things closed so when we got back to town the museum want open. Unfortunate but this is France.

Jane and I decided to wander back to the train station while the others cycled back. We got to the station with about 50 mins to kill but there was a local bar across the road. A bit like a cafe in Sydney but we were able to have a vin rouge and vin rose while we waited for the others.

We are now on the train returning to Azay Le Rideau and back to La Jagee.

Another great day in France and it isn’t over yet.

Saw the most beautiful paddock of flowers which I think was lavender from the train. What I am loving is most fields/paddocks are surrounded by poppies as well as them growing in the middle of the paddocks of barley and wheat.

We are now back at La Jagee and enjoying the lovely sitting room before we head out to dinner in town.

We went to a little french restaurant just at the entrance to the chateau for dinner and it was fabulous 2nd best meal I have had in France.

And the Tarte Citron was to die for

So mon amies it is the next day and I am a day late with my blog but European wifi can be tricky

Au revoir.

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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