La Jagee – Loire Valley

Woke this morning to pouring rain but a day off today. No one woke until after 8 and am pleased to say after a week was able to do some washing. It was a rest day today so everyone could do whatever they wanted.

Beautiful breakfast and a lazy morning. Sat in the beautiful lounge room and read my book for a while and suddenly the sun came out and it was hot.

La Jagee is owned by Australians and the every wall is covered in aboriginal art. Absolutely stunning.

Bob, Jane and I decided to walk into town and explore and as we walked out of the driveway of La Jagee there were serious cyclists passing us on the road.

By the time we got into town there were Marshall’s and traffic people directing traffic as there was a triathlon on and the cyclist were cycling 180kms. OMG. you should have seen both the bikes and the muscles on the cyclists

We wandered into town an oh how I love the french villages.

Wandering through the town and it was so fabulous and turned the corner and there was the chateau

Unbelievable and So beautiful. I could live there quite easily. What I found deceiving was the size of the chateau from the outside but inside because of the size of the rooms and the height of the ceilings there were only a few rooms between one side of the chateau to the other.

It was absolutely amazing and then to walk around the grounds. It had a moat and outhouses and I definitely felt a french connection but only with Living in a chateau

I could imagine the dresses and the cold of the chateau. The fireplaces were huge and lots of chimneys.

Spent quite a few hours wandering through the chateau and the gardens and afterwards went and sat in the cafe and had a coffee and cheese board.

Wandered all around town after this and so gorgeous every turn in the path was a photo moment.

We found a lovely cafe and sat down for a glass of wine. The sun was very hot and relentless

Sue and Linda came out of the chateau and joined us for a glass of wine and then headed back to La Jagee.

We are now all back sitting in the lovely sitting room having wine and cheese and foie de grae baguette and wine and enjoying our rest day.

We have booked dinner in town and will walk into town for dinner a little later.

We have now walked in and out of town twice today. Back in for dinner at a lovely restaurant called La Salamander and it was lovely

Had a great night and stopped off for a night cap before walking home.

Tomorrow we are back on our bikes and cycling to another beautiful french town called Chinon so it is off to bed for me. Just got dark and it is just on 11pm. Love daylight savings

Bon nuit mes amies.

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

3 thoughts on “La Jagee – Loire Valley”

  1. My legs are feeling weary just thinking about the cycling, I think the cheese and wine are much more my thing. Enjoy the adventure. Teen


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