Caen to La Jagee in the Loire Valley

Today we head off by train to Tours and then ride approximately 20kms to La Jagee which is the place we will be staying at for the next week.

I had a little incident last night.

In France in some hotels they put a small mattress over the other mattress and make up the bed. Well I must have tossed and turned a bit too much so rolled over, the top mattress had moved off the bed and I fell out of bed onto the floor. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself but it woke Jane up so the two of us just sat there and laughed and laughed.

So we were up this morning and after breakfast went for a walk around town by the canal.

During the war Caen was totally destroyed by bombs so the whole town had to be rebuilt. It was quite different to where we had been before in little french villages. It was a big bustling town and lots of traffic but there were bike paths everywhere.

We met everyone in the foyer and loaded up the bikes and rode to the station where we put our bikes on board and now we are travelling in a very comfortable train on our way to Tours.

We are now sitting in the train at Le Mans station and not going anywhere as someone further up the track has put a tree across the line. Purposely apparently. Luckily Laura, one of the ladies on the trip speaks good french and can translate. So we are just sitting and waiting.

Eventually got underway and got into Tours about 3.30ish. Kerry and Kerrie from La Jagee were there to meet us and take all our panniers in the car while we all cycled to their place which was approximately 35kms away.

The sun was out, blue sky and it was hot.

Set off out of town and it was bike path the entire 35 kms to La Jagee.

All along the river, through told towns, past a chateau or two and came upon this little park right by the water with a good van run by 3 lovely women who were making home made crepes. Couldn’t go past that so we got off our bikes, ordered crepes, coffee, ice cream or whatever you wanted and then sat in the park in a deck chair and ate it. What a perfect place for a rest.

We continued on and again passed some lovely villages and all on bike paths and finally arrived at La Jagee at about 6.30 and what a gorgeous spot. 18th century with some parts dating back to 14th century. Lovely big grounds and gardens and run by an Australian couple from Haberfield who decided to sell up and move to France. Kerrie and Kerry own and run it and it was lovely.

Because it was such a perfect hot night when we had all showered and changed we met on the terrace for champagne and then a huge cooked dinner straight out of the Weber.

4 courses later and at 11.45 we were still sitting outside enjoying the meal and the company. Oh so french!

Am in bed now in a lovely big room with french windows ready for the rest of this week as we are staying here until Friday so will just do day trips and come back in the evening.

Bon nuit

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

3 thoughts on “Caen to La Jagee in the Loire Valley”

  1. What a lovely eventful trip you are having so far. Slipping in to French style so well thank god you did not hurt yourself slipping out of bed! Enjoy your week in La Jagee, Billie! I am off to Bangkok tomorrow to catch up with Woz we will both be reading your blog will a cocktail by the pool.


  2. Loving reading your blogs. What fun you are having. Keep peddling and STOP falling out of beds 🛏 lol 😂. Pictures fantastic


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