The final leg of the holiday and the final blog.

What a trip I have had! By the time I get home on Friday I will have been away 9 weeks.   

Arrived in Singapore on Monday morning early.  The plane was early and I was through with my bags in record time.  

Jo was there to get me and I walked out of the terminal into Singapore’s lovely humid, overcast weather.  

Taxi to Jo’s lovely apartment and a shower and out of my walking clothes.  I had worn the same clothes for 8 weeks (I had washed them) and it was wonderful to get out of them.  

Jo had been in Sydney just as I left so she bought a bag up to Singapore with her so I didn’t have to carry them all over Europe.  

Put on the swimming costume and down to the massive pool for a swim and lounge around.   Very refreshing.  

It was then time for some long overdue treatment so we walked down the street for a massage which was fantastic.  Got out a few knots in the legs and shoulders.  Lunch around the corner and then over the road for a manicure.

It was quite funny because when I left London it was only 11am so not very tired.  Watched a few movies and by the time I got to Singapore it was only 10.30/11pm London time so I hadn’t slept.

I fell asleep having a massage even though it was a very hard one.  Then I couldn’t keep my eyes open while having a manicure and Jo was having a pedicure and talking to me and I would just fall asleep!

Got home and we just hung out which was lovely.  Caught up, watched some Australian news and I had to go to bed.

Hit the pillow and didn’t hear anything until 5.30 the next morning. 

Tuesday dawned and we played tourist.  Got a cab into town and got tickets for the hop on hop off bus which had 7 different colours of buses to take you 7 different ways around Singapore and we could get on and off whenever we liked.  

Of course it was a topless double decker so we were upstairs and plugged in our earphones and off we went.

Singapore has grown so much.  I remember when I first came here back in the late 60’s and there has been so much development but it has all been done on reclaimed land at a cost of billions and I mean billions of dollars.

Very much a financial hub as well as sporting events with a formula 1 track, tennis stadium, hotels on every corner and Orcard Rd now the most unbelievable shopping precinct.  Apartments in some areas in Singapore are well over the $4-6 million mark.  

We jumped off at Chimji which used to be an orphanage back before the fall of Singapore and has now been transformed into this very lovely 2 story eatery with restaurants and cafes, shops and parks.  

We had lunch there at an IndoChine restaurant sitting on the open verandah with fans and greenery everywhere.  

Even though Singapore is a very modern city there is still a lot of the old British Raj and colonial influences everywhere and am pleased to say that all the beautiful old buildings have been preserved. 

Of course had to have a wander around Raffles.  It is under major renovations and these days you can’t just walk in to have a look.  

We decided to hop back on the bus and go somewhere else but we got a bit lost trying to find the bus stop and having walked around a bit discovered we had passed it and gone around the block a few times.

Luckily for us it was a coolish day in Singapore with a lovely breeze and not too humid.  Still had our fans with us though.

Found the bus stop hopped on the bus and went to China town.  

That was fabulous. Lots of little streets with Chinese lanterns strung together over the roads and lots of cooked chooks and ducks in the windows.  Everything was outdoors and people were trying to entice you into their establishment with photos of what they had on offer.  

Then there were all the shops selling Chinese good luck tassels and waving gold cats. The atmosphere was fantastic.

We opted to sit and have a cold beer.

We had been told of this great satay night market which we looked up on google maps and saw it was only a 10 minute walk away so off we went but had to stop at the Moosehead for an Aperol spritzer first.

We got to the markets and walked around and couldn’t find any satay stands anywhere but it turned out that they were on the side of the road and they closed the street off and put tables and chairs on the street but not until 7pm. 

We found a table outside of the market just by the street and had a jug of beer while we waited.    It was freezing cold which was wonderful.

Came 7pm and satays were being cooked everywhere with the coals being fanned to get the heat and us being smoked out.  Great fun.  

You can get a small lot of satays which is 10 chicken, 10 beef and 5 prawn satays with the most fabulous satay sauce or if there is a big group it can go up to 75 sticks.

So after a big day out in the thriving metropolis of Singapore it was time to take our weary bodies home.  

But before we went to bed went down for another swim in the fabulous pool.  

Today (Wednesday) dawned with not a cloud in the sky but hot so jo and I decided we would spend the morning by the pool.  

We virtually had this massive 50m pool to ourselves so enjoyed a swim and lie in the sun.

Lunchtime arrived before we knew it so headed off to pick up our hop on hop off bus again.  Wanted to start in little India today so got a cab over and then just wandered.  It is the festival of Deepavali for the Indian community so the streets were all decked out with bunting and lights.  Of course we were there during the day so didn’t see them lit up

Little India is a very big place so we walked for a while and took in the atmosphere

We had read in our guidebook that there was a restaurant in little India that had been awarded a Michelin bib for the best Biryani in Singapore so that is where we headed for lunch

It was delicious. We then set off to find out hop on hop off bus and get back into touring. 

There was another place we had been recommended to try for drinks but when we found out it didn’t open until 5 we decided to take the bus back to the start and hop off the blue line and get on the brown line as that was going to take us to where we wanted to go.  

We were a bit early so popped into the shops for a spot of shopping.  Both Jo and I found a lovely pair of shoes each and then we were off

Had been told about this bar on the roof of the National Art Gallery called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. Got of the bus at the front door and headed to the right tower and up in the lift.

Got to this bar and it was fantastic had a 180degree view of Singapore with the Marina Bay Sands hotel right in front of us.


We had a fabulous table with Morticia Addams chairs and ordered drinks and nibbles and just sat and took it all in

We had a bit of a plan for the evening so left there went across town to do a spot of duty free shipping and then back to the Gardens by the Bay.  What an amazing display and installation

It then connected back from the other side of the Marina Sands Hotel

It was pretty spectacular and we wanted to get back to the hotel and go up to the boat on the top to have a drink and see the laser and water show they put on in the bay!

As we walked through the shoppes under the hotel Jo pointed out this shop called TWG.  It is a tea shop with very expensive teas and their teabags come in muslin bags.  

They silver Samovars that were over $6,000. 

So after our final aperitif on the top of the Hotel it was time to head home as it had been a big day

So I am signing off from Maggie’s moseying through Europe as I fly back to Australia tomorrow. 

I hope you have all enjoyed my adventures as much as I have.

I think I may find it a little difficult to come back down to earth and resume a normal life but I have had the best holiday and feel so much better for it.

So until my next adventure I am signing off and thank you all for the replies, the comments and reading it all.

Adios, hasta luego, hasta mañana, ciao and goodbye


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2 thoughts on “Singapore ”

  1. What a fabulous finale!!! I have loved reading your blog Mags…….thanks so much for sharing your incredible adventure with us. It’s been an amazing journey for you Mags and I sense your feeling of personal achievement is at an all-time high… it should be!!


  2. Awesome way to end your amazing adventure Mags I have loved reading your blog everyday and can’t wait to catch up and hear more about it safe travels home xxxx


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