A day in the country

Woke this morning to the most stunning day.  Not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind. I think England must of known I was coming because I can’t complain about the weather.  

Mike was off to London and Laura had things to do and work in the afternoon so I decided to have a train free day and go and walk around this beautiful countryside.  

Right beside where the house is there is a Roman road so I was off to explore.  It had been almost 2 weeks since I finished walking the Camino and I needed to put the boots on and do some walking.  

I know everyone gives the UK such a hard time about the weather but the countryside is beautiful.  So green with rolling hills and when the sun is shining there is nothing like it in the world.  

Set off up the Roman road and the first thing I saw was a squirrel run across in front of me and up a tree.  Oh how I love the country! 

Next thing I come across are cyclists out riding and horseback riders.  

Then guess what I came across a winery!   I know it was just on 11 but I had to drop in.   It was very cute and more like a tea shop than a winery but the girl was lovely and wasn’t shocked when I asked for a tasting.   The saddest thing was they had sold out of or run out of all their wines except a pink sparkling which was sealed with a bottle top like a beer bottle.   Had a taste but when she said the price of a bottle was £29 I decided I didn’t like it that much and also didn’t want to carry it all day on my walk.  

Said goodbye and headed off down the track to Alford where I was met by a gorgeous collie dog and a gentleman walking him. We had a chat and I headed off over the hill and on well signposted public walkways.  It was so gorgeous it was like being in another world and so much better than sitting on a train! 

I came across the berkhamsted common and a WW1 memorial. Then walked through the golf club and off down the hill into berkhamsted 

When Laura had dropped me at the station over the last few days I had noticed a sign saying Castle 50m. But for the life of me couldn’t see one.  Well on my walk I went to investigate and it turns out it was berkhamsted castle which was given to the very first duke of Cornwall back in 1077. It had a moat and even though it was a ruin the walls were still there. 

Walked on into the village of berkhamsted and had a coffee in the sun and then walked along the canal. 

Squirrels everywhere and ducks 

As I wandered back through the beautiful countryside I saw a sign that said WW1 trenches.   I was of course curious so took the path that led off into the Bush.  

I didn’t think the war had come to this part of the country but it turns out that berkhamsted was the training camp for all the soldiers that enlisted.  The trenches were still there and amazing That they were still in good condition 

As I was heading home decided to stop in at the Alford Arms for lunch

And admired all the beautiful and old houses 

Home and a quiet night.  And tomorrow we are all off to lunch at Potten End for lunch and my long awaited ploughmans lunch

Nighty night

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

3 thoughts on “A day in the country”

  1. Hi Maggie, looks like a lovely walk in the countryside, everything looks so green. Small world though, our friends Ivan and Chris live in one of those units by the canal in Berkhamsted, they have an end unit and we’ve watched as the canal boats go by. We stay with relatives in Watford and love to go to St. Albans too. x


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