Day 39 – I think! And onto Day 40

I got on this huge ship last night at about 9.30pm and we set sail from Santander at 11.15pm and it is now the next day which is my birthday but it is over in Australia. 

So much for the rough weather. It has been smooth sailing so far but as can only be expected as we get closer to the UK so the weather is deteriorating.

I saw the sunrise this morning over the bay

I am just walking up and down stairs and walking the decks outside.  The do have a movie cinema but my clock is on Spanish time and everything on board is on UK time so I keep missing the start times.  

Not to worry. Am reading my book, walking the decks and drinking coffees. 

There was entertainment, Singers, trivia, a choir, bingo. It was like Butlins holiday camp but it was fun and a smooth crossing.  

Of course the closer we got to England the colder, windier and wetter it got but came on deck when we reached the English coast at Plymouth 

When I got of the ship went through customs and there was another man there from Australia as well and we both went through customs together so everyone assumed we were travelling together!   Never seen him before in my life.  

It was cold dark and windy in Plymouth but luckily not raining.  I got a map from the customs lady and set off to find my ‘digs’. No Albergue’s now.  

No problem finding it and so English.  Lovely little room with a shared bathroom and breakfast included and I am talking the whole big English breakfast. 

Had a great sleep and woke up this morning to sunshine.  It was lovely.  Had a good breakfast and off to explore.  As you can all imagine Plymouth is Francis Drake city!!! Armada way, drake island, Magellan house, mayflower street.  

It was really beautiful and again so full of history and the sun was shining!

Plymouth from The Hoe looking over to Drake Island

Smeaton’s lighthouse looking the other way

Sir Francis Drake

Weeping poppies which was at the Tower of London commemorating 100 since the 1st WW.  Has travelled all over the country 


The bowling club where sir Francis was playing bowls when the armada came over the horizon

I went and changed money and got my train ticket to London and having a coffee before boarding the train for a 3.5hr trip.  At least I will see the countryside and the sun is shining.  

I will be picked up at the station by Laura and will be with her for a week before I sadly have to think about heading home.  

I will blog intermittently over the next few days as I will be very busy talking my head off to Laura and enjoying old blighty. 

See you later alligator

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