Day 38 – Lost in Bilboa

Had the best nights sleep and now just wandering through this absolutely fabulous city. 

I have walked along the river and crossed over to the other side.  The other side of the river not to Catholicism or born again Christian as someone in my comments mentioned!

Tiny cobblestone streets with trendy shops, cafes, bars, amazing apartment blocks.  Obviously the ritzy part of town as the buildings are old and very well maintained.  People everywhere, trams, buses, cars, delivery vehicles down tiny streets and I do wonder how they get around the corners.  Sometimes it is a 6 point turn but they get there.  

I have been looking in the shops and the pastry shops are ready for Halloween 

Am sitting in a little cafe opposite the Cathedral Santiago. Yes they have one here also with the same name.  A little smaller, having a grande cafe con leche and the most unbelievable tapas/breakfast.  Taste sensations.  

I am just wandering around taking in everything before I make my way to the bus station for my bus ride to Santander and the ferry ride to Portsmouth.   

Someone told me today that it is very rough and a hurricane is on its way. Well sorry. I don’t think I have ever heard of a hurricane coming to the UK.  It will be fun and nothing could be worse than crossing from to north to South Island in NZ.  I will let you all know tomorrow if I survived.   

Watch this space.  

Well how about this for eating my words!!!  On the bus and it is pouring with rain. I think both Spain and myself are crying because I am leaving this beautiful place.  

Anyway on the bus connected to the bus wifi and look what I get in my emails

‘Please be advised that due to adverse weather in the Bay of Biscay and western channel the following departures have been delayed:

Wednesday 18th October: Santander-Plymouth 21h15 (Pont Aven) – Now departing 00h15. Expected arrival 19h00 Thursday 19th October. 
We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.
Kind Regards

Direct Ferries’

So my birthday is going to be very memorable!!!
As it is pouring with rain I will have to try and entertain myself for a few more hours than expected. Thank goodness for my kindle!!

I have arrived in Santander and unfortunately it is still raining.  Found the ferry terminal – right across the road from the bus terminal and on my way over found at least 5 lovely restaurants where I can see myself having a wonderful late lunch and killing a few hours.  If it stops raining I will venture out to wander this port city.  

The bus trip here was really lovely and so green, hilly lovely houses and of course right on the coast

I have just walked into this lovely restaurant with a very cheeky waiter who is looking after me very well.  I may not leave!  

Guess what I am having for lunch as a final farewell to Spain – bulls tail

Washed down with a very lovely rose.  I want to live here.  Have I mentioned that before.  

I have had a few rose’s and still in the restaurant as Spain is still crying. How can I possibly leave. I think I have found my other life. I always thought it was in Canada but am rapidly changing my mind.  

I am definitely looking for a house swap here next year or a house sitting job as we all know how good I am at that!!! 

Can you tell I am killing time by rambling on the blog.  

I will put this down now.  It has become quite addictive.  I think I am a frustrated writer!!!! 

My extended lunch has now finished and I am off to wander Santander as the rain has stopped. 

Well a slight hiccup.  I booked my ferry ticket to Portsmouth booked accommodation in Portsmouth. Get to the checkin and told the ferry is going to Plymouth. Poo bum wee!!!  Had to duck back over to my cafe for wifi, cancel my booking in Portsmouth and rebook in Plymouth.  No big drama. All part of a holiday.  Just been approached by a woman doing surveys for the Spanish tourism board asking about my trip to Spain and I cried as I didn’t want to leave.  Cannot believe how emotional I am about this wonderful country.  

My ferry doesn’t leave until after midnight tonight so am going to publish this so you all have something to read over your breakfast in the morning. 

Adios, hasta mañana, hasta luego for the last time.  Tomorrow I will be back to speaking English. 

Goodbye Spain I love you 

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

7 thoughts on “Day 38 – Lost in Bilboa”

  1. Happy birthday to you Mags – starting in the ferry terminal ! Hope the ferry leaves on time so that at least you can have a birthday dinner in the UK. And a safe crossing – hope the weather is kind. Adios Espana – definitely sounds like you’ll be back. Lots of other caminos there you know…..


  2. Happy Birthday Maggie, I hope you have another lovely day , what a fabulous trip you are having! Great blog, I’ll be visiting you in Spain when you go to live there . Say hallo to Laura and give her a big hug for me, much love xxxxx


  3. Wishing you a wonderful birthday Mags xxx Make sure you house sit a very large Spanish hacienda next year, ‘cos I’ll be visiting too!!!


  4. Because it is your last day in Spain I tell you…..Feliz cumpleaños guapa!!!! I told you you will be in love with Spain. Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Buenas noches


  5. Sounds like a life changing trip you are having so happy for you Mags ! Happy Birthday and enjoy all the days left still lots to look forward to I bet 🙂 xxxx


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