Day 36 – this rolls into 3 days – I think!

Well I left Finesterre at lunchtime and by the time I got to Santiago it was absolutely pouring with rain.  

The scenery on the way back was spectacular 

No the wifi on the bus won’t let me download pictures – next time.

Finesterre was a really lovely little fishing village and was bustling yesterday afternoon but this morning was very slow and sleepy.

I left my backpack at the bus station and went for a wander back into town.  What a difference a few days make and I suppose the rain.  Santiago was like a ghost town.  Hardly anyone around although I did run into Meaghan going into her flashy apartment. 

As I had lost my small pack which is sitting in Epstein in France I really needed a little bag/backpack to put ‘stuff’ into.  Went and got a Camino one and filled it immediately with ‘stuff’. 

Had my last lunch in a little cafe off the square and then wandered back to the bus station picking up a few supplies on the way.  Fruit, water, Santiago cake.  As I said my new pack was full!!!

Saw a few familiar pilgrims at the bus station and we said our final farewells. Ran into peter a South African I had met at Villavante a long way back but good to catch up and see that we had all made it.  

I am now on a very swanky bus travelling back across Spain to Bilbao.  I am in the front seat and there is wifi, video, music, games,  just like an aeroplane.  I went to watch a movie and there was a button for English which I pressed but for some reason only known to the Spanish it is an English speaking movie dubbed in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.  I am reading my book!!!

Something I forgot to tell you in my blog the other day.  When I arrived in Lavacolla which was the last town I stayed in before Santiago I walked into the bar and on the tv they had Crocodile Dundee on and Paul Hogan was speaking Spanish!!! I just burst out laughing.  

My bus trip to Bilbao is going to take approximately 11-12 hours. I get in around 6am tomorrow.  Love a bus journey.  

I did have the seat beside me spare but a Spanish lady who was sitting behind me has decided to move in so I now have a companion.  Absolutely no English and even though I like to think I am multilingual I haven’t the faintest idea what she is saying.  Oh well thank goodness for hands and big smiles.  

As I said I am sitting at the front of the bus looking straight out at a very dark road and of course we are driving on the wrong side. It does feel strange as the driver is on the left and I am sitting where the steering wheel should be!!!

So all you blogging fans that have pressured me to keep this up here is your daily dose.  I can’t believe how many people are following me.  

I am enjoying rambling on each day though.

Until Bilbao. 

Buenos noches me Amigos 

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

5 thoughts on “Day 36 – this rolls into 3 days – I think!”

  1. Hi Mags

    Really appreciate the continuing blog. We can’t be there with you but DO suffer withdrawal symptoms when the wi-fi is down. I admire your stamina. Having done that L O N G walk, I would be out if there on the nearest plane connecting me with mainstream something or other. Long forward very much to seeing you in the uk. So much to batter about.

    Rest up if you can. Hopefully that Spanish lady will leave the bus before you do.


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  2. We will have to take up walking again Maggie. I’ve found a good bush walking group that I’m doing my first walk with on 29/10.


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