Day 34 and 35 – somewhere in Santiago 

I know you are all suffering withdrawals from not having a blog to read so will continue just so you know I am still alive and well and having a great time.

Have spent the last 2 days in Santiago wandering around enjoying this wonderful old city and catching up with all my fellow peregrinos I have been walking with over the last 5 weeks.  

I have had breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee and any other sort of catch up possible.  

I am now sitting at the bus station ready to get in a bus to go out to the end of the earth – Finesterre/Fisterra. 

This is where the pilgrims went on to see where the sun set over the water and believed it was the end on the world hence – Fines – end – terra- earth. 

If you are looking it up on a map it is Fisterre.  

Had a wonderful 2 days in Santiago and very sad to say farewell to my fellow pilgrims.  

Set the alarm for the first time as I had no other pilgrims to wake me up and off down the road to the bus station.  

Met Oswin and Kian there and we bought our tickets and I ran into Bev a lovely kiwi I had slept in an albergue with a few weeks back.  

We all got on the bus and settled in for the 3 hour trip to the end of the earth!   

Tiny roads, big corners, big bus and narrow streets.  The guys in front of me who were in the front seats pulled out their rosary beads.  We all had a good laugh at that.  

It was so lovely after 6 weeks to see the ocean and smell the salty air.  The drive out was great as we were by the coast most of the way and the towns were all on the side of the hills overlooking the sea.  Very colourful houses as well

We arrived in Fisterra and there was a guy there handing out pamphlets to his albergue.  Bev and I were staying the night so took the leaflet and headed off.  Kian and Oswin followed us down the road.  They were only out for the day so we all headed out, after Bev and I had put our packs down in the albergue, on the 2.2km walk to the end of the earth.  

Beautiful walk and the coastline was pretty spectacular 

When we got to the end there was a lighthouse, a cafe and of course the Camino sign that said 00.0kms.  As in we were at the Fins of the Camino.  

Beautiful scenery and you could see why the pilgrims would have thought it was the end of the earth. 

We wandered around and then had our mandatory cerveza before heading back into town for lunch as we were all a little peckish. 

Found a wonderful restaurant on the waterfront and sat down to seafood platter, garlic prawns and pulpo (octopus) and paella washed down with a lovely glass of rose. Followed by ice cream and another glass of rose.  So delicious 

But the time had come for Kian and Oswin to go back to Santiago on the bus as they were flying to London and then home to Germany tomorrow morning.  It was really sad to say goodbye to them as we walked them to the bus.  I took a napkin from the restaurant and stood on the side of the road and waved like crazy and of course everyone on the bus thought I was waving at them.  Eventually the bus left on Spanish time – late – and I waved them off. 

Bev and I wandered back along the waterfront to our albergue and just having a rest now before we decide what is next in store for us. 

I would really like to go back out and see the sunset over the water with a glass of wine which I did as I was having not walking withdrawals.  Unfortunately there was a huge bank of cloud so the sunset wasn’t that spectacular 

It is now the next day and I am about to get the bus back to Santiago and getting an overnight bus to Bilbao. We are having a farewell cerveza and I am off

So you won’t hear from me until Bilbao but I will be back.  

Adios for now. 

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