Day 31 – San Xulian to Arzua 

Can I just say in case I haven’t said it before (hahahahaha) another incredible day on the Camino.  

I woke up this morning so refreshed having had a brilliant sleep. In bed and sound asleep by 9.30 last night and didn’t wake up until 7.15.   I slept in!!!!

Up and out as the sky was getting light by about 10 to 8 and set off getting closer to the ultimate destination.  

I am so glad I stayed out of the main town last night as when I set off this morning I was the only person on the Way with the last of the full moon lighting my way.  Oh the serenity! 

My head was totally back into Camino mode – nothing in it!!

Found a beautiful place for breakfast with the best tortilla I had had for a while

Set off down the road and as it was such a lovely day and I was savouring every minute after about 7kms found another lovely cafe in the sun where I had the best coffee and home made, just out of the oven, lemon cake.  Yum. Sat in the sun and devoured it and headed off again.  

Again walking through beautiful woodland and countryside. Galicia is certainly a highlight of this fabulous country.

Over the weeks of walking the Camino I have noticed in most houses they have this little house on stilts with a cross on it

I thought it may have been the family crypt where they keep their relatives. Well today I learnt what it was.  Purely and simply because I was walking past one and the doors were open.  It turns out it is the drying house for their corn.  Simple mistake due to the cross on it!

Well as I was taking a picture there was another lady and her son doing the same thing and so we got chatting, as you do, and it turns out Rosie and Martin were from Melbourne and walking the Camino together. I slowed right down and walked with them for the rest of the day and what a delightful couple.  
It was good for me as they walked so much slower than I did but I enjoyed their company so much and we were talking so much we arrived in Arzua before we knew it.  

They had booked accommodation in an albergue so I just followed them and booked into the same one and after the shower and washing we moved downstairs to the plaza which was right across the road for a few cervezas.  

Before I knew it along came Pierre and Gil so I introduced Rosie and Martin and we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the plaza chatting.  

I went off to the bank and the supermarket for things and came back and someone else went off for something and came back and before we knew it it was dinner time. 

We walked up the street to look for somewhere for dinner and ran into Julie and Michelle from South Africa then Anna and Leonard from Sweden and we had to pop in for another drink as the restaurant didn’t open until 7.30.  

It was so lovely to run into all these familiar faces again as the journey comes to an end.  We all will be in Santiago on Friday so I am sure there will be a very large group of us meeting up to tell stories and laugh and reminisce.  

I am getting teary thinking about it.  

Rosie and Martin had a great night as I was able to introduce them to lots of people and it was just a good fun night.  

So yet again the sun goes down on another memorable day on the Camino.  

Bale buenos noches

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

2 thoughts on “Day 31 – San Xulian to Arzua ”

  1. It’s Friday here Mags and I’m excited for you. Can’t believe the finale is near and my beautiful friend has travelled this amazing path while we watched from afar. I now have a brush with fame! I’m sure there is much more to tell and I’m looking forward to that. Enjoy your journey! (That’s what the lady in the quiet carriage said on the speaker in trains nsw tonight!)


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