Day 22 – Villavante to Astorga 

Hola from hot, sunny, beautiful Spain.  I fall more and more in love with this country everyday.  

Today started with the most beautiful sunrise.  I had to keep turning around to see it as the sun comes up behind me in the northern hemisphere

As I was walking out of town this morning I saw another UFO only this time it turned out to be a train.

Had a lovely group at the albergue last night from all over the world.  

As I had done a big walk yesterday I decided I would only go as far as Astorga today and that was far enough.  Another very hot day but now I am pleased to say the countryside has changed and I am back into green rolling hills and a few big hills to climb.  

Walked into Hospital de Orbigo for breakfast and what a lovely town. This has one of the longest and best preserved medieval bridges in Spain dating back to the 13th century and built over an earlier roman bridge which formed one of the great historical landmarks on the Camino.   This bridge was also the the place of famous jousting competitions that took place in the Holy Year 1434. Apparently was the inspiration for Cervantes Don Quixote and also witnessed the battle of 452 when the Visigoths slaughtered the Swabians. Now there is a bit of history for you!!!

When I left hospital de Orbigo It was out into hilly countryside and greenery 

I have to defer here and relate a little story. About a month prior to me coming away my friend Barbara from the central coast rang me and said there was a documentary on at the Avoca cinema about the Camino.  To cut a long story short I went up and spent the weekend and we went to see the movie.  It was about different people and how the Camino had affected them. There was this group of guys who decided to stay and set up camp in a disused adobe hut on the Camino just out of Astorga. Well would you believe walking along today and here they were. Providing fruit and drinks for pilgrims for a donation 

It was then down the road a bit further to the wonderful city of Astorga 

Astorga was originally a powerful asturian community and equally an important roman city because it was the junction of several major routes.

The convergence of routes gave rise to over 20 pilgrim hospitals in medieval times.  

Astorga was amazing from a distance with the cathedral in the distance very prominent 

When I arrived in Astorga the plaza’s and the gaudi palace were amazing.  

The Gaudi palace reminded me of fantasyland from Disneyland 

I met Alison in town today and we are now sitting in the plaza having the Astorga delicacy of Stew

I also met a lovely Swedish couple as I walked into town today and we have had a few beers in the plaza together this evening and no doubt will walk with them again over the next couple of days 

So it is the end of a very hot day I have had a lovely dinner with Alison drinks with Anna and Leonard and would you believe ran into Oswin, Kiam and Celia as well

So me amigos it is buenos noches from me and hasta mañana 

M xx

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

3 thoughts on “Day 22 – Villavante to Astorga ”

  1. Good morning, Maggie! You’ve become breakfast reading, and love the photos, we’ll have withdrawals when you finish! Your story imparts a lovely feeling of freedom in roaming, musing on the history, and the cameraderie, free of the stuff happening in the rest of the world too. I’m sure that it was a very hard day that hit you the day before, doing that extra distance in the heat. What are those verses? “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine gently upon your face,” etc etc xo

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  2. Hola Amigo, another perfect day on the Camino. I loved your story of the guys in the adobe hut at Astorga. Did you get to meet and chat with them? xo

    Liked by 1 person

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