Day 18 – Ledigos to Bercianos del real Camino 

I can’t believe how hot it is.  Not that I am complaining because I love the heat and it is not humid but when you have, to walk 26kms with no shade it is very draining. Hence my addiction to cerveza’s con limon to quench my thirst. Not to mention the 2 litres of water I am drinking a day from my water camel in my backpack.  Again thankyou Cherene.

So I set out this morning just as the sky was getting light

Such beautiful mornings and perfect time of the day.  

It was a bit of a strange walk today. Lots of towns within 2-3 kms from each other then a long stretch before the last town. 

Walked from Ledigos to Terradillos de Los Templarios which was only 2.6 kms down the road. Thought I could go a lot further than that so headed of to Moratinos which was 3.2kms on and again I had my stride in so went on to San Nicolas and it was brekky time.  Found a lovely bar and had my usual.  Cafe con leche grande, Zumo de naranjo and tortilla.  Because I am now fluent in Spanish I will translate   Coffee with milk, orange juice and frittata.  Fluent!!!

It was then onto Sahagun which is a seat of great ecclesiastical power.  Of course that went right over my head!!

Little remains of the famous abbey of San Benito founded in the 10th century and rose to become one of the most important Benedictine monasteries in Spain. Charlemagne was also linked with the town which from the earliest times has always given shelter to pilgrims of which I am one.  


When you are walking on your own as I did today the things that go through your head is crazy. I was walking on total flat land most of today and couldn’t stop singing ‘climb every mountain ‘. Then out of the blue I started singing the abba song I do, I do, I do’.  Go figure. 

The flies here are about as bad as at home.  Where is your cork hat when you need it.  So I have swallowed a fly today – perhaps I’ll die!!! 

Mainly because as you walk and you are walking on your own you sing, you talk to yourself and as all of you know I have great difficulty keeping my mouth closed so it was inevitable that I should swallow a fly.  I felt like I was at home!!! 

As I was walking on my own I didn’t really stop today and as I said it was hot and dusty so by the time I got to Bercianos del real Camino my body was flashing saying stop stop stop.  

This church was on the outskirts of town and so different to the ornate churches I have seen on this journey 

There was only one Albergue in the book in this town so was concerned I may not get a bed but I don’t know why I worried as I walked into town here was a very luxurious albergue right at the start of town.  It turns out it only opened a month ago and it was lovely so in I went and would you believe half an hour later in walks my friends Oswin, Kian and Celia as well as Jean-Pierre, Anna and Melanie from the other day and other Albergue so here we all are in the lovely garden on a warm Spanish evening with some other people from Slovenia and it is so communal and friendly.  

So my friends as we sit here on a mild Spanish night having our pilgrims meal with unlimited wine I must sign off again on another perfect day. 

Buenos noches me Amigos 


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