Day 17 – Villalcazar de Sirga to Ledigos

I have today been walking for two and a half weeks and I am officially half way 373.9kms to go.   

I have been meeting so many wonderful people and staying in some wonderful places and walking through ancient towns.  I am feeling very small in the scheme of things but could not have asked for anything more enlightening that what I am experiencing. 

Today I walked again with Oswin, Kian and Celia and we had a good fun day.  They are now following my blog so I am going to put a few photos up of them so they can remember our fun time we had.  This is at dinner last night

And this was on the road today

We left pretty early this morning only because everyone was up, the lights were on and we were packed ready to go.  So many stars. It didn’t take long for the sky to lighten and the day begin

The first 5 kms before breakfast and we entered the town of Carrion de Los Condes

This town was effectively the capital of much of the tierra de campos area and ruled the Counts of Carrion several who met premature deaths at the hands of El Cid.  

Stopped for breaky and headed out of town 

The above shot reminded me of the agricultural pavilion at the Royal Easter Show as this area is a huge wheat growing area.  

Today was a very hot day and a long and flat dusty road. We had been told to make sure we had plenty of water and snacks as there was nothing on the way for 17kms and they were right.  No shade either

Hat, sunscreen and long sleeved cotton shirts today.  I don’t know how anyone can walk the way in the summer!

17kms later and over a little hill and there was the town of Calzadilla de la Cueza and what a relief.  Straight to the Bar, pack off, poles against the wall and in for a muy grande cerveza! 

In fact so thirsty didn’t take a photo I just drank it

5.6 more kms to go and I was calling it quits.  I was hot, sweaty, tired and I was ready to call it a day but still a few more hills to climb and we passed a shepherd with his flock all with bells on and with the flock were goats and a very cute donkey

I have walked about 28kms today so I have found a lovely albergue in Ledigos with a beautiful sun drenched lawn and garden and I am blogging.  

I will be in Leon by Friday I think and now that I am closer to bigger towns the wifi is so much better.  

My friends have gone on to another town so I will walk on my own tomorrow although I don’t think that will be for long as I have just met another German man who is walking to Santiago.  

It will be my pilgrims dinner and early bed tonight as my body is tired.  

Buenos Tardes me amigos. 

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