Day 16 – Itera de la Vega to Villalcazar de Sirga

The most beautiful morning this morning and as I left just as the sky was becoming light the stars in the sky were amazing. No southern cross in this sky.  

What I am still getting used to is the sun is always on your back or behind you whereas down south in Oz the sun is always on your face.  I have to stop quite a lot to turn around and see the fabulous sunrise and colours in the sky.  

It was a hot day today.  I have been walking in shorts and tshirt for 2 weeks now and today was hot.  Hat and sunscreen a must.  Of course I have a high water mark on my legs from both the socks and shorts and on my arms from the tshirt.  I will look lovely in a cossy when I get to Singapore.  

When I got to the albergue yesterday I met a lovely girl from Denmark, Celia.   I have met a few people from Denmark and when I mention I am from Australia they immediately have to tell me how popular Princess Mary is and how everyone loves her.  Of course I have to assure them that all Australians are like that!!!

When I left this morning by the time I got to Boadilla which was the next town she had caught up with me and we walked together all day.  Lovely girl. A final year law student who did an exchange in Melbourne 2 years ago.   Behind us came 2 young German guys who also were in the albergue and as the day progressed we all ended up walking together and decided we were hot and tired all at the same time so here we all are sitting in the beautiful garden of our albergue in the sun surrounded by wet washing and lots of other pilgrims. 

There are some lovely french people here who I got chatting to and she thought as we had all walked into town together I was their mother.  I laughed as only I could do and assured her I was far too young to be their mother.  

Age is so irrelevant on this trip.  Meeting so many different nationalities, ages, backgrounds. All adding to the incredible experience I am enjoying.   

The countryside was very flat today and very brown and dry. I gather not much rain has fallen here for a while and looking at the weather I don’t think there is any forecast for at least another week.  

Some of the walk was very straight right beside the very straight highway then we turned off and next thing we are walking beside this huge canal.  Very full.  We came across a couple of older men in their overalls and some form of home made pronged spear made out of wood.  They had a bucket and I could swear they were yabbies or a Spanish variety.  Not quite sure how they caught them as they were a little smaller than a yabby but the bucket was half full.  

We then came to the end of the canal and there were the huge sluice gates and a drop of about 50m down the spillway to the river.  

I have noticed all along the roads in the farming areas they have long almost viaduct like drains running above the ground on stilts and I am sure this is how they irrigate their properties. Having seen the canal and the irrigation as we walked today am positive of it.  

Celia and I stopped in Fromista for breakfast and the boys Oswin and Kian followed us in and we then walked together for the rest of the day..

We didn’t realise it at the time but the route by the river and the canal was an alternative route to the town but so much nicer, prettier and easier on the legs.  Came to a little bar by the river and as it was a hot day stopped for a cerveza!  

We then continued along the river which by this stage was almost dried up but still very pretty. Saw the first autumnal hint today with trees starting to turn the colour of their leaves.  

So we arrived in Villalcazar de Sirga and all decided our feet and legs needed a rest 

Villalcazar de Sirga is well known for welcoming pilgrims since the 12th century when it became a commander forthe Knights Templar

Of course there is a Templar church here

Very pretty town and have found this lovely albergue with a little oasis of a garden inside that we are now settled in with shower and washing done and beer in hand.  
Some pilgrims have just walked in that I met a few nights ago so there will be stories to share. 

So having spent the afternoon in the garden I have now taken a walk around town, visited the church and am sitting in a lovely bar with a rose and tapas and my lovely compadres sitting at the next table have taken a photo of me drinking a glass of wine with a pilgrim. 

So now I will put a few photos up of the albergue and the dormitory so you can get an idea of what this is all about

So me Amigos as I bid you all a fond buenos noches at the end of day 16 I will finish my Rose and wander back to my albergue for my pilgrims meal and bed.  

Adios Amigos x

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

6 thoughts on “Day 16 – Itera de la Vega to Villalcazar de Sirga”

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day Mags and the photos are great! We will have to see if we can work on your tan lines when you are in Singapore! Even you up!!!!


  2. Love your photos Mags….especially your walking shadow!!! Loving your blog…..sounds like a wonderful day full of interesting places and people. Keep those lovely legs moving xx


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