Day 13 – Cardenuela Depico to Burgos 

I am starting this blog at the end of an amazing day.   I am sitting in the plaza outside a heritage listed gothic church the likes of which I have never seen before in my life.  

I am in Burgos which is a very big city in Spain and yet again incredibly old.  

I left out albergue this morning at 7.30am in heavy fog and walked 14kms into this amazing town.  

It wasn’t a very nice walk as we were approaching a big city so lots of pavement, walking on the side of a road and then having to walk through the industrial area to get into town.  

A bit of trivia for you it is the 50th year celebration of firestone/Bridgestone tyres being in Burgos!!!  Mr firestone started the company 50 years ago.  Another reason for a fiesta!!! 

Naturally it was extremely built up and hard going on the legs pounding pavements for 14kms but we got into town with a few side trips as we got a little lost and ended up in the old part of town and what an amazing place. 

I am sitting in the plaza outside this gothic church that is unbelievable.  

Another 10th century building that I can’t get over.  It is also the burial place of El Cid the famous moor warlord who I think Errol Flynn or some old actor played in some very old black and white movie.  

Decided to have a bit of a day off today so after coffee and a wander around town with Donna we said our farewells and she headed on out of town and I went to find somewhere to stay. The amount of plaza’s and churches in the town are amazing. 

Found the tourist bureau and got a map. You know me have to have a map!

I wandered off and because I was walking around with a map in my hand the amount of locals who couldn’t speak English but came up and wanted to help me were amazing.  

Eventually found my albergue and checked in. Really cheap tonight. Only €5 but no pilgrim dinner. Not that I was that worried as there were so many bars and restaurants to try.   

After a shower and a spot of washing I was out into this incredible town.  

As I said before this gothic church was unbelievable. So old and the intricate work of it. Lots of these churches took over 300 years to build. If you have read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett you may understand what it takes to build them.

I decided to go and sit in the sun in the plaza and people watch and how amazing was that. Everyone meets in the plaza for drinks and tapas. Mum dad family friends everyone and then at 3pm when it is siesta they all disappear the tables and chairs are put away and I was left sitting there like an empty lemonade bottle!! Got up and wandered through the old part of town and decided to go inside and have a look at the church. OMG!!! Gold and ornateness at its best.  

Saw the burial place of El Cid and his wife Jimena and just stared in awe at the inside of this massive church. I think it has 22 knaves or chapels off the main area.

Ran into Roz and Debbie who had decided to get a bus to Leon rather than walk there as their time was limited so when we came out of the church we sat in the plaza and had a farewell sangria before they headed off. I sat and finished my book then wandered back to the cafe right outside my albergue and had paella for dinner. Yum! Then Christine and Paul came by and they joined me as well as another lovely Swedish guy I had met on the road. We had a few more sangrias and said our farewells as Christine and Paul had decided to get the train to Leon and walk on from there.  

So as of tomorrow I will be back on the way on my own but not for long I am sure.  

I am setting off early tomorrow for Hornillos but think I will probably get further.  

Buenos noches 

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

5 thoughts on “Day 13 – Cardenuela Depico to Burgos ”

  1. El Cid Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren I had to look it up as I do remember the movie! Loving your Blog Mags. Keep up the good work xx


  2. Hi Maggie loving the Blog.
    George from work asked me if you had met a couple from Forresters Beach, the mans name is Barry. They are George’s neighbors and are also doing the Camino walk and left around the same time as you. 🍷🍷


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