Day 12 – Villafranca de Montes de Oca to Cardenuela Riopico

25.6kms today and down a very big hill. My quads are killing me.  I could hardly walk up the stairs to my albergue.  After 2 weeks of walking my body, legs and feet are telling me to take a rest.   We are almost into the 400kms.  

Have been having such a wonderful time walking with Donna and meeting up each evening with Rose and Debbie and Paul and Christine.  

Have walked into  Cardenuela Riopico this afternoon. We are staying at the Santa Fe albergue and am now sitting here with Donna and Rose having a very large cerveza that has ice in it it is so cold.  Yummo.  Believe me we deserve it everyday.  This is the remnants

Here are a few shots of the walk today.  It started out a bit different to what we had been walking through up until now.  It was like logging roads through the pine trees 

Then suddenly you come out the other side and back into ploughed paddocks and rolling hills 

We were walking through different country today and instead of grapes and olives it was fields of sunflowers.  My favourite flower and there were fields upon fields of them 

Of course there were the gorgeous towns we walked through. One of the towns was called Ages.  Of course that became a joke all day about how it took ages to get to Ages!!!

This is the sign at the town of Atapuerca.  Sandra can you please translate. I think it says something about human remains were found by paleontoligists and Unesco made it an historic site.  Is this correct?   

This is where we are now 518kms from Santiago 

Walked up a massive mountain today and then had to come down the other side and believe me I am aching

Translation again please Sandra. 

So I am now sitting in the sunshine having a well deserved beer and finishing my blog.  

The wifi is so good here I may try and update a few previous days with photos.  Will see how I go.

Tomorrow I get to the very large town of Burgos and am taking a day off to relax and wander around the town. 

Hasta luego me amigos 


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5 thoughts on “Day 12 – Villafranca de Montes de Oca to Cardenuela Riopico”

  1. Wow, Mags — definitely sounds like your legs need a day off!!! Again — loving the Spanish countryside and villages, and your blog is great to read. Until tomorrow xx


  2. Oh Mags I feel your pain! I am glad you are having a day off enjoy! Pauline John Phil and I went to see Beautiful tonight and it was fabulous!


  3. Hi Maggie, loving the blog. We had coffee at a new cafe on the Swan today and the owner was chatting to us about the Camino walk he did with his wife, so was thinking of you then, his stories echoed your own. Rog says you can type the Spanish text into google translate, or if you can copy paste it in, you can get a translation that way. Cheering you on from here. Love Gaynor xo


  4. Hola Maggie, amazing this camino and your experiences. The first translation you did was very good, was correct. And the second one said “Since the pilgrim dominated Burguete the hills of navarra and saw the dilated fields of Spain. Haven’t enjoy a more beautiful view like this one.”
    Keep walking….and have fun and vino jajajjaajja


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