Day 9- Naverette to Azofra

What a glorious day.  Fabulous sunrise and we were off.  Have been walking with Donna for a few days now which has been lovely.  

Left early today as hardly slept a wink last night as had 2 horrendous snorers in the room and they were terrible.  Everyone wasn’t very happy this morning so we decided to leave ASAP.  

Headed out of Naverette just as the sun was coming up

It is a spectacular day today.  Not a cloud in the sky a gentle cool breeze and we are walking through wine country all day today.   It is beautiful with rolling hills with perfectly aligned rows of grapes and the harvest is just starting so people up early and the grape harvesters were working and tractors passing us with big red containers of grapes off to the vineyard for crushing.   

We are walking through the ventosa area which obviously is a large grape growing area of Spain.  Some pretty big wineries but none open for tasting that we could see!  

I pulled out my trusty penknife, lent to me by the lovely Jane, and cut off a couple of bunches of grapes which we ate as we continued on our way. Very sweet.  

The way today was all through vineyards.  It was lovely and then we came to a bridge which we took not looking where we were going as we were chatting so much and next thing we arrive in this town with not a Camino sign it yellow arrow or shell anywhere to be seen!  OMG we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the town of Huercanos which was not on our map!   

Luckily at the beginning of the trip in St Jean Pied de Port a fellow Australian had shown me an app for my phone called Trekright.   Don’t need wifi but has all the maps and were to go. I pulled it out and yes we were off the track.

But thanks to my trusty App we were on the road and after 10-15 minutes we were in Najera and back following the yellow arrows and shells.  

By this time it was about 10.30am and we had worked up an appetite as we hadn’t eaten or drunk anything other than water all morning.   

What I love about the way is that even though you have to walk through a big town the way is always through the old part of town which is wonderful and the way out of town are beautiful parklands. 

Walked across the old bridge and there was a bar in the sun by the river.  That is were we laid our packs and had coffee and baguette with egg and tuna.  Wasn’t quite sure what was in it but it looked good and it was.  Coffee wasn’t too bad either.  I think I am becoming acclimatised.   

Rested our bodies did our ablutions and off we went.  

As we headed out of town we noticed that the signage for the way had changed.  Now it was new tall wooden signs to Santiago with the kms left to walk.  We are now 581 kms from our destination.  

We had a lovely walk from Najera to Azofra again through vineyards and we were the only people around.  

Got to Azofra and decided to rest so have checked into the municipal albergue which is like a resort. 2 beds to a room and a outdoor area with a fountain, sun drenched, tables and chairs and as more people are arriving becoming very social.   

We arrived and shortly afterwards quite a few other pilgrims I have met on the way.  Paul and Christine from Brisbane, Debbie and Rose from the US.   It was such a social afternoon sitting around in the sun.  

Donna and I decided to go up the road and have a beer and a sandwich.  Great bar with tables and chairs out on the other side of the road in front of the plaza.  

Tiny streets and the big tractor comes down the road parks in front of the bar goes inside to get something and then comes out and on his way

We sat there for quite a while and went back to our ‘resort’. More socialising then we all went back to the bar for our pilgrims meal.  

Wasn’t out of bed very late as so physically tired of a night.  

Wifi died so this is all the photos you get today

Buenos noches 

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