Day 10  – Azofra to Redecilla del Camino

Cant believe I have now been walking continuously for 10 days.  Have well and truly passed the 200kms mark.  Feeling great and so happy with my boots and orthotics.  Am quite amazed by the people who didn’t trai, didn’t walk their shoes in or have bad knees and are virtually being crippled everyday when I see them hobbling up the way.   

Have seen the most beautiful scene over the last couple of days.   There is a woman walking on her own with her Labrador dog who is carrying his own little pack on his back and walking the Camino.   There are fountains all the way along the way for you to drink from and fill your water bottles and the gorgeous dog drinks from the bottom of the fountain.  Very heartening sight.  I have a photo but can’t download so will update when I can. 

Set off this morning with Donna about 7.15 and a beautiful morning but very cold.  I had to buy gloves today as the mornings are freezing and you need lots of layers as by lunchtime it is about 26-30.  Great way to get sick!  

Quite different country today long rolling hills with ploughed fields.  A lot of the way went through big paddocks and the ‘country smells’ were amazing.  Lots of wheat and maize and sheep in this country and we left the region of La Riojas and are now in the region of Castilla y Leon which is the largest region in Spain but with the lowest population.  Apparently we will spend more than 50% of our time travelling through this area.  

We arrived at a town called Ciruena and I am not kidding it was like something out of the stepford wives.  It was a very new development that had been built with a big golf course and club in the middle.  There were lots of Mercedes and land rovers and Porsches parked by the golf club but other than that it was like a ghost town.  Every town has the old and the new.  Lucky for us the way takes always through the old part of town with the church.  

We stopped here for breakfast and the lovely lady gave us apples for our trip.  

The next town was Santa Domingo and the church here was built in the 10th century.  

Fabulous plaza where the church is situated and a very ritzy hotel on the corner of the plaza.  

Out of the locked garage of this ritzy hotel came 2 absolutely immaculate vintage jaguars that 2 English couples were driving across Spain in

I had to buy gloves here in anticipation of the early mornings and there was just the shop as we wandered through town.  

Out past everything and on the road again. This time heading to the next town Granon and what a gorgeous town.  Again very old and very small but you walk up this path and there it is 

This is looking back down the road from Granon. 

The towns are not only old, steeped in history but so incredibly quaint.  

It was turning into a very hot day so time to sit for a drink and soak up the atmosphere. 

Of course everything revolves around the church the plaza and the bar on the plaza

After a few refreshments and chatting to other pilgrims we headed off to our destination for the night. Redicilla del Camino.   Tiny town over the hill and through the paddocks.  

So here we are for the night. Still walking with Donna and this is the map of where we are

So on that note I will say hasta luego and hasta mañana 


Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

3 thoughts on “Day 10  – Azofra to Redecilla del Camino”

  1. Hope you got a great nights sleep Mags and that you don’t meet up with the snorers again on the way!!! Loving your blog and photos…..I am greeted with them each morning. xx


  2. hi Mags…great to hear that it is all going so well. sounds like your equipment is working out..and I am very impressed by your progress. I have just binge-watched all your has been flat out and I have been feeling guilty that I had not read anything! love your photos and all looks glorious..and so European.💃👣🍷🍺⛾🗼🇫🇷😎🥖☕☀️💨🌨🌫🌈📖📧🛌🌓.


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