Day 8 – Viana to Navarrete 

I have been walking for a week now and with my calculations have done just over 145kms.  
Feet are handling it all really well. No blisters but interestingly have a terrible rash around my ankles which seems to be a reaction to the wool socks. May have to buy some acrylic ones. Not sore or itching but big red welts. Very attractive and I am sure you are all really interested to know that bit of information.   
On with my journey.  
I have now realised (it always takes me a few days!) that the reason the sun isn’t up until so late and it is still light at 8.30 at night is because it is still daylight saving in Spain. It finishes over here when we start ours in October. 

We had to be out of our albergue by 7.30 so had to start walking in the dark. It was ok but with a lot of people we were fine.  
Viana is a little town just before Logrono which is a very big town. This meant we did a lot of walking on pavements today.  
What I love about this walk is that even if you have to walk through a big town the walk is through the old part of town so you avoid the busy streets.  
Thought we would stop in La Rioja for breakfast before Logrono but it turns out this was an industrial part of Logrono and nowhere to stop. So on we went to Logrono 
What a gorgeous town. Very big with 155,000 people so lots of new buildings but we walked right past those and through the old part of town. Again the cobbled stone roads and old buildings and of course the very old church 
Found the plaza and stopped for breakfast of cafe con leche and juevos (eggs). 
Of course most of the pilgrims that we were with last night were there also.  
Had to walk through a bit of the big town but on the otherside there was the most lovely path with trees and grass and just a lovely way out of town.  
Saw squirrels today. Very cute.  
Next minute we were at a lovely lake and on the other side of town. Just like at home there were locals running, walking, cycling around the lake and along the track.  
Before we knew it we were up in the middle of vineyards and looking back over the lake towards Logrono.  
It was then a wander through vineyards for the rest of the days walk but a lot of up hills and down on pavements so the legs and knees were tired.  
By this time I had caught up with Rose and Debbie from Canada and I was again walking with Donna.  
Pinch a few bunches of grapes off the vine and they were so sweet. Think the harvest is just about to happen as saw a big grape harvester working in the vineyard. No one picks them anymore.
Over the hill and we were at Naverette which is another historic town that has been well maintained with family crests carved into the sandstone of the house above the doors and armorial shields. 
Of course the church which dominates the square was huge and dates back to the 16th century. It was amazing inside. Gold leaf everywhere. I am always reluctant to take pictures in a church so old. Don’t know why. 
So Donna and I decided to call it a day and said goodbye to Rose and Debbie and went and found an albergue and here we are.   
I was a bit desperate to do some washing as I couldn’t stand the smell of my socks anymore. Wondering if the rash and reaction on my feet has been enhanced due to dirty socks !!!!
I am sitting in the main living room of the albergue in my sarong and a jacket while everything I bought with me is being washed and dried.  
Perfect time to blog. No pilgrim dinner here tonight so will venture out and find a bar. Big night out !!! Wow.

So my Canadian friend Donna and I have headed into town.  Me in totally clean clothes. Feeling special and after a walk around town and into the 16 century church found the local tapas bar and have been sipping on Rose and beer waiting for the other bar to open so we can have our pilgrims dinner for €9. Cheap tonight. 

Again very bad wifi so no photos but will update as soon as I can

Until tomorrow. 

Hasta luego me amigos. X

Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

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  1. Thanks Mags for another entertaining read, you will have to keep us updated about the rash on your ankles! I can’t believe it has been a week already!


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