Day 4.  Larrasoana to Cizur Minor

Another day in paradise.  I have to defer to my sister and Lyn.  You cannot compare the paradise as mine is equally as fabulous and so different.

Had a wonderful communal dinner last night at Larrasoana with many other pilgrims I have met on the way.  I love the albergue’s as it is usually €10 euros a night to stay and then an extra €13 for a 3 course meal with lots of bottles of red wine.   It is so cheap and it is a good hearty meal to fill you up after a big day of walking.

The comraderie and friendships you form as you walk are wonderful.  

Had a fabulous nights sleep as you can imagine walking 30kms a couple of red wines and I was out for the count.   

Met a lovely American couple T and Roland from San Francisco and I was blogging and T was journaling which I think is the same but an American term.  We were laughing together as we were sharing stories and getting tidbits of what we had both written.  

So up this morning. Had a sleep in today and didn’t wake up until 6.35am.  Whooppee!!! 

It was dark but decided I wasn’t going to walk in the dark anymore as, funnily enough, you can’t see!!!

Packed up and we were all sitting downstairs waiting for first light to set off.  Today I walked with my new friend Donna from Victoria, Canada 

We set off on the road to Pamplona. Again it was a bit overcast but warm  and today walked in shorts and tshirt.  The countryside is so pretty with rolling mountains not hills.  

We started the day walking beside a river which was beautiful and the path beside it was like something out of a fairytale 

We walked 4kms down the road for breakfast and had zucchini tortilla and tea for breakfast.  The delicacy here is tortilla but to me it is a frittata.  It is delicious.  You can get potato (the speciality) zucchini, mushroom or cheese.  Very yummy 
This was a tiny place called Akeretta 

It was then a day of wandering through the countryside chatting with my new friend meeting up with new ones.  

We then started to come to the outskirts of Pamplona and the countryside changed to very cute villages and houses.  The beauty of walking the Camino is that you can’t get lost. No matter where you are there are signs everywhere. When you get to the cities the yellow arrows or the sign of the Camino which is a yellow scallop shell is on the pavement on the street corners or signs everywhere even through the main streets of Pamplona 

We walked into Pamplona and what a gorgeous place.  The walk takes you right through the old part of town.  Stopped in the plaza for coffee

Here are a few extra snaps of the way into town and around 

Saw this beautiful fan shop but can’t shop as I have to carry it

So we passed through Pamplona and out of town 2kms to a little town of Cizur Minur which is where I decided to stop for the day and Donna went on to the next place 6kms down the road. 

Staying in a lovely albergue Roncal 

Shower is always first on the list of getting into a new place. That and rinsing out some undies and then the day is yours.   Got in here today around 1ish so have been wandering the town

And having the regulation sangria 

Have spent the afternoon wandering, reading, drinking a few sangrias and have now run into my friend Guillermo and am having a pilgrims dinner with Francine from Quebec and Christine from Melbourne 

It is now the end of day 4 feeling fabulous.  

Life is good. Buenos noches me amigos


Author: Baguettes cheese and wine

Cycling through Brittany and the Loire valley in June

4 thoughts on “Day 4.  Larrasoana to Cizur Minor”

  1. bravo Mags. I have some of the exact photos…..I loved Pamplona. Ernest Hemingway lived there during the Spanish Civil War – did you see the Hemingway Hotel in the Plaza? Buon camino xx


  2. Maggie just loving your blog. I feel I am doing the walk with you. What an incredible experience you are having. Your photos are so good 😊. You obviously nice and fit to walk these distances each. 😎🤗🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️Keep up the great work cheers 🍻


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